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Video of the Day   Alien Abduction of The 4th Kind (Best Evidence Ever)   2014-06-26  
Video of the Day   President obama Ramadan's message to Muslims   2014-06-30  
Video of the Day   NWO Insider Reveals Entire NWO Plan in 1969!   2014-07-01  
Video of the Day   Agenda 21 = Death   2014-07-02  
Video of the Day   Obama the Terrorist: Muslim Brotherhood in the White House   2014-07-03  
Video of the Day   Breaking: Professor Exposes Plan To Collapse America   2014-07-04  
Video of the Day   Catholic Exorcist Warns: Pope Francis is NOT the Legitimate Pope & Satan Has Taken Over the Throne   2014-07-05  
Video of the Day   Jesuits granted global power to kill 'true believers'   2014-07-06  
Video of the Day   The incredible testimony by Shawn Weed about his incredible journey to hell. Listen to the detailed account of hell and his rescue so he could tell others how to be saved GETS GOING AT 27:00 MINUTE MARK   2014-07-07  
Video of the Day   'Conspiracy of Silence' is a powerful, disturbing documentary revealing a nationwide child abuse and pedophilia ring that leads to the highest levels of government.   2014-07-08  
Video of the Day   Conspiracy Of Silence (Banned Discovery Channel Documentary) New HQ Version[480p]   2014-07-09  
Video of the Day   Is Obama Hiding Radical Islamic Movement Inside U.S. Govt?   2014-07-16  
Video of the Day   INFOWARS Nightly News: with David Knight Monday July 14 2014: Plus Special Reports   2014-07-16  
Video of the Day   America Is Dying Before Our Very Eyes   2014-07-20  
Video of the Day   BRICS And The Age of Financial Armageddon   2014-07-22  
Video of the Day   Dutch Injustice: When Child Traffickers Rule A Nation   2014-07-23  
Video of the Day   UC Davis Professor Cloward And Pivon Strategy Alive And Well In Border Crisis   2014-07-25  
Video of the Day   Illegal Immigration - Documentarian Exposes Realty Of Border Crisis - America's News HQ   2014-07-28  
Video of the Day   They're Doing it on Purpose :complaining about the incompetence of the Obama administration it is important to understand that they are not incompetent but that they are doing it on purpose.   2014-07-28  
Video of the Day   The Public Will Follow Fraud Over The Cliff   2014-07-31  
Video of the Day   Alex Jones exposes the connection between open borders and the impending possible Ebola epidemic.   2014-08-05  
Video of the Day   Trends Expert: Terrorism Is Manufactured To Control The Populace   2014-08-06  
Video of the Day   NOAH: the TRUTH is BIGGER than you thought......the JourNey BeGins   2014-08-06  
Video of the Day   PM Netanyahu's statement to the foreign press   2014-08-07  
Video of the Day   Obama's Fake War on CIA Asset ISIS Revealed   2014-08-11  

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