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Video of the Day   U.S. Boosting Military Assets In Europe To Counter Russia   2014-06-05  
Video of the Day   Security State Will Determine Who Lives and Who Dies, NSA Phase III   2014-06-05  
Video of the Day   China: The Globalist Model For The New World Government   2014-06-06  
Video of the Day   Companies Dumping The Dollar For Renminbi As The Trading Currency Of Choice   2014-06-07  
Video of the Day   T h e S t a r g a t e o f A r a m u M u r u   2014-06-07  
Video of the Day   Steve Quayle - Whitestone Conference Interview;VIDEO PROPHECY AND ADMONITION-SEVERE JUDGEMENT READY TO FALL   2014-06-07  
Video of the Day   The Secret To Unplug From The Matrix Revealed   2014-06-10  
Video of the Day   PROPHECIES JESUS FULFILLED by Josh McDowell   2014-06-12  
Video of the Day   The Middle East U.S. Puppet Regimes Are Collapsing Just Like The Economy - Episode 388   2014-06-12  
Video of the Day   Current Economic Collapse News Brief - Episode 391   2014-06-14  
Video of the Day   Obama Is Giving The Middle East To Al-Qaeda   2014-06-15  
Video of the Day   The Iraqi Conflict Is The Path To War With Syria And The Collapse Of The Dollar -- Episode 393   2014-06-18  
Video of the Day   Red Ice Radio - Richard J. Dewhurst - Hour 1 - The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America   2014-06-20  
Video of the Day   LEAKED: ISIS Terror Plot - False Flag Attack in America : SERIES OF ATTACKS ON TRUCKING SYSTEM AND TRUCKERS RESULTING IN MARTIAL LAW!   2014-06-22  
Video of the Day   Invasion? Mass UFO Sighting Over L.A. Captured In HD! Mulitple UFOs June 2014   2014-06-25  
Video of the Day   Alien Abduction of The 4th Kind (Best Evidence Ever)   2014-06-26  
Video of the Day   President obama Ramadan's message to Muslims   2014-06-30  
Video of the Day   NWO Insider Reveals Entire NWO Plan in 1969!   2014-07-01  
Video of the Day   Agenda 21 = Death   2014-07-02  
Video of the Day   Obama the Terrorist: Muslim Brotherhood in the White House   2014-07-03  
Video of the Day   Breaking: Professor Exposes Plan To Collapse America   2014-07-04  
Video of the Day   Catholic Exorcist Warns: Pope Francis is NOT the Legitimate Pope & Satan Has Taken Over the Throne   2014-07-05  
Video of the Day   Jesuits granted global power to kill 'true believers'   2014-07-06  
Video of the Day   The incredible testimony by Shawn Weed about his incredible journey to hell. Listen to the detailed account of hell and his rescue so he could tell others how to be saved GETS GOING AT 27:00 MINUTE MARK   2014-07-07  

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