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Hot Headlines   Judge Jeanine: There Needs to Be a 'Cleansing' at the FBI, DOJ 'There have been times in our history where corruption and lawlessness were so pervasive, that examples had to be made. This is one of those times,' she said   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   US Engulfed In The Most Corrupt Scandal In History & All Roads Lead Back To Obama   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   Disclosure or the Great Deception? Deciphering the UFO Issue:We may live in a vast universe, however, it is apparent that that the skies in our neighborhood are getting increasingly crowded. Many are asking, crowded with what?   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   Rosetta Stone Of Synthetic Biology Or Pandora’s Box? Never Seen Before Cells With DNA Made In Lab Has Scientists Declaring ‘Holy Grail’ For Modifying God’s Creation   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   666 UPDATE: Samsung Bets 'Palm Scanning' Is Next Big Thing In Biometric Identification   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   Eratosthenes, is most widely known as a famous Greek mathematician.SQ 276-195 B.C.E. WAY BEFORE NASA AND HOLLYWOOD EXISTED, He found the circumference of the Earth to be nearly 250,000 stadia (25,000 miles).2200 YEARS AGO!!!   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   This Is How You Become Invisible To Starving Looters And Angry Thugs :I served for 15 years in the British Army, in the 90’s in Yugoslavia, Bosnia, and Kosovo and saw firsthand what happens to human nature and society when everything goes to hell   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   Ex-Spy Chief Admits Role In 'Deep State' Intelligence War On Trump   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   MUST READ!Bringing Bio-Warfare into the Heart of America:We are the guinea pigs of unethical experimentation, conducted without our consent, by each Agency who has its own biological warfare department.   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   COMPREHENSIVE! The Ultimate Prepper’s Survival Guide – Survive When Disaster Strikes. A Comprehensive Guide to Home Storage, Bartering, Bugging Out, Weapons, and Self-Defense. Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes.   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   Hillary Clinton painting triggers security dogs:The crate contained a painting of Hillary Clinton — and nothing else.   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   Retired Prosecutor Sounds Alarm: 'President Trump Must Go On Offense Now - Step One: Fire Rosenstein, Wray & McCabe' - Trump is not in charge at Justice or the FBI. His enemies are. The president can solve the problem now and he needs to do so quickly.   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   The Collapse of Major Media:Big media, in all its forms, has lost the mind control war.There is another gross miscalculation. The commercials, between news segments, are overwhelmingly pharmaceutical. Those drugs aren’t intended for the youth demographic.   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   America's malls are rotting away:The worst is yet to come for American shopping malls. lots an lots of bankruptcies. More than 300 retailers have already filed for bankruptcy this year.   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   News anchor on night of Vegas massacre: I have confirmed through a police source that there were two suspects with high-powered weapons   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   Globalists 'Ultimate Killing Machines' Are Hiding In Plain Sight - Russia Blows Whistle But The World Remains Silent   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Artificially intelligent robots could soon gain consciousness and rebel against humans to 'ELIMINATE us', scientist warns   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   BREAKING: ARE THE BANKSTERS MAKING THEIR MOVE AGAINST CRYPTOCURRENCIES NOW?-In our world today Central banking is responsible for ALL war, and for most of the suffering and misery of ever increasing number of people.   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   BOMBSHELL: EVIDENCE OF CIA ROLE IN FORGING OBAMA’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE :Government computers illegally hacked Hawaii Dept. of Health   2017-12-13  
Hot Headlines   US Navy Reconnaissance Aircraft Sent Near North Korea To Detect SLBM: Report   2017-12-13  
Hot Headlines   BREAKING: DEMOCRATS CAUGHT ON TAPE OFFERING WOMEN MONEY TO LIE ABOUT TRUMP Audio could prove Democrats are paying sexual harassment accusers   2017-12-13  
Hot Headlines   'FAMINE:SALMON FISHING RESTRICTIONS MAY GET 'SEVERE' A salmon fishing agreement between the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife and tribal co-managers is fueling continued angst by many recreational fishermen who fear it will force closure   2017-12-13  
Hot Headlines   The fury of Etna: Huge mushroom cloud dwarfs Sicily's famous volcano in one of the winning images of this year's Siena International Awards   2017-12-13  
Hot Headlines   Doug Noland: There Will Be No Way Out When This Market Bubble Bursts! Financial assets will become toxic to hold SQ ;RIGHT NOW, GOLD AND SILVER PRICES ARE A STEAL TO ACQUIRE AT THESES PRICES   2017-12-13  

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