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Hitler Rising   Who drew a swastika on the steppe 8,000 years ago? NASA images reveal riddle of giant drawings that can only be seen from the air   2015-10-31  
Hitler Rising   The Muslim Invasion of Europe Is Picking Up Where Hitler Left Off   2015-10-29  
Hitler Rising   Michael Savage: Black Lives Matter Are Obama’s Shock Troops, Like Hitler’s Brown Shirts (Video)   2015-10-28  
Hitler Rising   Rare photographs reveal the day Hitler hijacked the story of Christ to spread his hatred of Jews: Images of Adolf at Passion Play go up for sale   2015-10-27  
Hitler Rising   Couple say they cannot sell their home because rules made when their Long Island community was set up by Nazi sympathizers mandate buyers be 'of German extraction'   2015-11-09  
Hitler Rising   EXCLUSIVE - Hitler's iconic 'finishing school of evil' for the Third Reich's brightest brains and a shrine to German neo-Nazis is to become.... a hostel for asylum seekers   2015-10-16  
Hitler Rising   Bill Gates Unveils His Very Own Hitler Youth Movement   2015-10-12  
Hitler Rising   Revealed, the dark history of Hitler's FIRST death camp: How Nazis murdered psychiatric patients - and their nurses - to test out gas chambers before they were used for mass extermination of the Jews   2015-10-12  
Hitler Rising   Rage of the Fuhrer revealed: Historians uncover 1942 rant by Hitler against 'flabby' and 'useless' Nazi generals who couldn't conquer Russia   2015-10-11  
Hitler Rising   Actor dressed as Hitler on the streets of Germany tells how people begged him to bring back labour camps and posed for selfies with him as right-wing extremism surges in the country   2015-10-09  
Hitler Rising   Why Ben Carson Keeps Talking About Hitler   2015-10-01  
Hitler Rising   The 7ft 6in German who quit a US freak show to join Hitler's army... only to get captured by a 5ft 3in British corporal and end up a Broadway star   2015-09-30  
Hitler Rising   How Gestapo thugs waltzed into plum jobs after the war: Their horrors are well chronicled, but new book reveals a deeply shocking twist   2015-09-24  
Hitler Rising   How the Nazis bombed thousands of Germans – for TARGET PRACTICE: Uncovered classified documents reveal how Hitler used cities to test V-2 rockets    2015-03-11  
Hitler Rising   What a Fuhrer-ore: Plan to call a road in Cornwall 'Hitler's Walk' has been axed after flood of complaints   2015-05-22  
Hitler Rising   FBI Quietly Declassified Secret Files Attesting Hitler Fled to Argentina in 1945    2015-02-11  
Hitler Rising   Hitler’s first victims: As taut as a thriller, the untold story of four Jews murdered weeks after the Nazis came to power — and the brave lawyer who tried to expose their killer    2015-01-29  
Hitler Rising   Former Nazi concentration camp Bergen-Belsen forced to turn people away as surge in school groups visits sees 300,000 flock to site each year    2015-01-27  
Hitler Rising   Where the ghosts of Nazi monsters lurk: The eerie ruins of the Nuremberg parade grounds where Hitler held his propaganda rallies in front of his goose-stepping faithful   2015-01-23  
Hitler Rising   The HERD Reich: Farmer forced to get rid of Hitler's Nazi cows because ultra-aggressive breed tried to kill staff   2015-01-05  
Hitler Rising   Rare footage of Hitler and Eva Braun at private residence - APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN POSTED IN JAN 2015   2015-01-11  
Hitler Rising   A shrine to Hitler: The Nazi loving Austrian pub where the Führer was born is thrust back into spotlight with Mein Kampf release   2016-01-12  
Hitler Rising   Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler made an absurd amount of money off of ‘Mein Kampf'   2016-01-12  
Hitler Rising   Op-Ed: Perfect timing: Germany reprints Hitler’s page-turner And it is an instant best seller.   2016-01-12  
Hitler Rising   German Chancellor is said to be fuming over Polish magazine cover comparing her to Hitler   2016-01-13  

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