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Hot Headlines   Have Failed Vaccination Programs Caused the U.S. to Lead All Industrialized Nations in Infant Mortality Rates? The U.S. is #1 in numbers of Vaccines Injected into Babies Prior to age 1!   2017-12-04  
Hot Headlines   Is It 'Open Season' On Americans? Kate Steinle Verdict Is An Indictment Of A Failed Leftist Culture And Proof Of The Manifesting Decay Within A Culture Dominated By Leftist Ideology:   2017-12-04  
Hot Headlines   Feds Steal $1.74 Billion in Bitcoin, Kidnap Man for Life for Building Website that Used It As Bitcoin's popularity soars, one of its early adopters is currently serving a life sentence for creating a website that popularized the cryptocurrency   2017-12-04  
Hot Headlines   3D-PRINTED SUICIDE-MACHINES WILL USHER IN A SILENT GENOCIDE The high-tech ‘suicide machine’ is a capsule and comes with a detachable coffin, which the organization claims the process of suicide is streamlined   2017-12-04  
Hot Headlines   ALEX JONES: GLOBALISTS WILL KILL TRUMP IF UNABLE TO REMOVE FROM OFFICE Failing Russia collusion narrative leaving globalists with few options   2017-12-04  
Hot Headlines   Largest aerial drill ever begins as 200+ US, South Korean aircraft join for mock attacks on North Korea The U.S. sent F-22 stealth fighters to the Korean Peninsula and will conduct a joint exercise with South Korea this week.   2017-12-04  
Hot Headlines   Islam, Immigration, and the Death of Sweden   2017-12-04  
Hot Headlines   England measles outbreaks linked to ongoing large outbreaks in Europe: PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND-SQ-THE 'UNSEEN HITCHHIKERS' ON THE BACK OF NON MEDICALLY VETTED IMMIGRANTS-MY TERM-'INFECTONS'   2017-12-04  
Hot Headlines   Hundreds Of Still Unsolved Mysterious Deaths And Ritual Murders Accompany The Demonic Appetite For Human Flesh In America - More Evidence Something Dark And Sinister Is Bubbling Up From The Depths Of The Swamp   2017-12-04  
Hot Headlines   The next immense earthquake in Japan could send the whole World into recession   2017-12-04  
Hot Headlines   PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS NEW TAX PLAN:What we are witnessing is the complete looting of America and the entirety of the West. While the Western World collapses, the insouciant, submissive people sit there sucking their thumbs while they are being ruined.   2017-12-04  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Humanity would welcome the discovery of ET despite fears of an alien invasion, predict psychologists   2017-12-04  
Hot Headlines   THE DISINFORMATION WAR: The Attempt To Disregard Silver Investor Demand In The Market   2017-12-04  
Hot Headlines   Tsunami Of Demons Or 'Old Ones' Set To Inhabit An Army Of AI Powers - 'Techno Possession' Closer Than Anyone Knows   2017-12-04  
Hot Headlines   Google supercomputer create'AI child' that is capable of outperforming humans.Experts have said the findings show automation is the key to creating the most accurate AI systems – meaning Artificial Intelligence would actually create more AI.   2017-12-04  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Wars of the future will use algorithms like ammunition, according to experts who warn Chinese and Russian AI could 'rule the world'   2017-12-04  
Hot Headlines   What's the Truth About the Yellowstone Supervolcano Doomsday Theory? 'The idea that Yellowstone is going to erupt and kill us all is so demonstrably false. There’s an odd disconnect I think between common sense and reality' SQ-TOLD YOU SO FOR YEARS!   2017-12-05  
Hot Headlines   The Top 10 Volcanic Eruptions:Volcanic eruptions have altered global climate, and the global landscape, throughout history:SQ-EVERYONE NEED TO KEEP THEIR EYES ON INDONESIA ,ICELAND AND THE CANARY ISLANDS MID ATLANTIC RIDGE AREA   2017-12-05  
Hot Headlines   Truckers take anti-ELD (electronic logging device mandate) as message to media across the country :SQ-STAND WITH THE TRUCKERS AGAINST THIS 'ORWELLIAN CONTROL OF THE DELIVERY OF GOODS' .PARKED TRUCKS=EMPTY STORE SHELVES   2017-12-05  
Hot Headlines   Suspended dengue vaccine was given to 730,000 children, Philippines says Sanofi’s Dengvaxia immunisation could worsen disease in some patients not previously exposed to virus   2017-12-05  
Hot Headlines   BREAKING NEWS: Small Brush Fire Explodes to 500 Acres in 1 Hour, 2500 acres in 3 hours in California - EVACUATIONS ORDERED:Evacuate City of Ventura, CA. Wind gusting 44 - 60mph....stronger as morning comes!! 10,000+ acres now burning.   2017-12-05  
Hot Headlines   BOOM! Sara Carter: There Are Other Anti-Trump Mueller Team Emails Out There 'A Lot More Is Going to Come Out' (Video) -Every single top attorney on the team is a former Democrat administration official or Democrat donor.   2017-12-05  
Hot Headlines   Embassy waiver lapses - is embassy move underway? Trump allows 6-month waiver permitting US embassy to remain in Tel Aviv to lapse, prompting speculation embassy move may be underway.   2017-12-05  

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