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Hot Headlines   Your Favorite Websites Could Soon Disappear Courtesy of the MSM--The MSM Is Trying to Execute the IM:TO SUBMIT A COMMENT TO THE FCC/ SQ; WE NEED YOUR HELP ALL OF THOSE WHO VALUE THE TRUTH MUST ACT   2017-12-13  
Hot Headlines   Why This Explosive, Mars-Like Volcanic Island Fascinates NASA   2017-12-13  
Hot Headlines   Trump wants to send astronauts to the Moon on the way to Mars   2017-12-13  
Hot Headlines   The MSM's Descent Into Oblivion Continues To Snowball With CNN 'Appalled' To Be Called Out Publicly For 'Agenda' Driven Fake News   2017-12-13  
Hot Headlines   When You Can’t Hang With The Toxic People Any More:You are getting trounced, pounced, hurt and hammered. It doesn’t matter whether the person involved is a parent, sibling, co-worker, friend or spouse.   2017-12-13  
Hot Headlines   Dead Bodies With Ties To Hillary Keep Piling Up! Will Mueller's 'Witch Hunt' Ensnare The Wicked Witch Or Give America Proof The 'Rule Of Law' Doesn't Apply To The 'Clinton Crime Family'?   2017-12-13  
Hot Headlines   North Korea missile launch this WEEKEND: Experts claim Kim plotting strike on Sunday KIM Jong-un could launch another deadly missile this Sunday as the North Korean tyrant escalates tensions in the Pacific.   2017-12-13  
Hot Headlines   Fed Govt Planned Kill At Bundy Ranch And Witnesses   2017-12-13  
Hot Headlines   MUST WATCH;VIDEO: What Everyday Life Is Like in Puerto Rico Now :SQ WHAT A TRAVESTY   2017-12-13  
Hot Headlines   Leftist Judges are now running the Pentagon:Oh rejoice! Another victory for political correctness! The military has to be sensitive to everyone’s needs, even if that means completely sending readiness down the Pentagon commode.   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   Astronomers to check interstellar body for signs of alien technology   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   FRONT PAGE Police on guard during anti-Islam talk at Eau Claire church Christians must defend Gospel, pastor and former Muslim tells more than 150 people   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   AI is now so complex its creators can’t trust why it makes decisions: The programmers that built it don’t know why AI makes one decision over another.SQ;HINT AN EVIL SPIRITUAL ENTITY OVERSEEING IT AND TAKING COMMAND ?   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   Giant smoke-generated mushroom cloud above California mountains causes huge updraft and threatens to spread wildfires even further as devastated area is now larger than NYC and Boston COMBINED   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Is Kim printing counterfeit dollars to undermine US economy? Quality of fake 'supernotes' found in Seoul raise fears that North Korea is forging $100 bills   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   Judge Jeanine: There Needs to Be a 'Cleansing' at the FBI, DOJ 'There have been times in our history where corruption and lawlessness were so pervasive, that examples had to be made. This is one of those times,' she said   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   US Engulfed In The Most Corrupt Scandal In History & All Roads Lead Back To Obama   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   Disclosure or the Great Deception? Deciphering the UFO Issue:We may live in a vast universe, however, it is apparent that that the skies in our neighborhood are getting increasingly crowded. Many are asking, crowded with what?   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   Rosetta Stone Of Synthetic Biology Or Pandora’s Box? Never Seen Before Cells With DNA Made In Lab Has Scientists Declaring ‘Holy Grail’ For Modifying God’s Creation   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   666 UPDATE: Samsung Bets 'Palm Scanning' Is Next Big Thing In Biometric Identification   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   Eratosthenes, is most widely known as a famous Greek mathematician.SQ 276-195 B.C.E. WAY BEFORE NASA AND HOLLYWOOD EXISTED, He found the circumference of the Earth to be nearly 250,000 stadia (25,000 miles).2200 YEARS AGO!!!   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   This Is How You Become Invisible To Starving Looters And Angry Thugs :I served for 15 years in the British Army, in the 90’s in Yugoslavia, Bosnia, and Kosovo and saw firsthand what happens to human nature and society when everything goes to hell   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   Ex-Spy Chief Admits Role In 'Deep State' Intelligence War On Trump   2017-12-12  
Hot Headlines   MUST READ!Bringing Bio-Warfare into the Heart of America:We are the guinea pigs of unethical experimentation, conducted without our consent, by each Agency who has its own biological warfare department.   2017-12-12  

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