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Hot Headlines   Reports are Breaking that Syrian and Turkish forces in clashes in Aleppo. After years of terrorism the city of Aleppo was liberated by Syrian Army and now this is being destroyed by NATO member Turkey   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   Are we on the verge of civil war? Every day we will either treat each other as fellow Americans, with far more uniting than dividing us, or we will continue on the present path that eventually ends in something like a hate-filled Iraq, Rwanda or the Balka   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   Look at the power of the communists already and still they hesitate, they hide behind the legitimacy of the republic, afraid to step out and declare their true ideology. There will come a time, they cannot resist the celebration of their conquest.   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   DHS Scheme to Seize Your Data to Stop Bioterrorism:Bottom Line: More AI to generate revenue and fees that are supported or justified by altered data manipulation. Remember, AI does not need to provide truth only approximations.   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   Massive October Surprise Coming - The Enemies Within Are Being Exposed As President Trump Prepares To Take The War Against The Deep State To The Next Level   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   Julian Assange Issues Eerie Warning Before His Last Interview Blackout, As Associate Goes MIA   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   Scientists discover how to 'upload knowledge to your brain' Researchers claim to have developed a simulator which can feed information directly into a person’s brain and teach them new skills in a shorter amount of time, comparing it to'life imitating art   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   It’s TREASON! Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Warner now engaged in open insurrection against the United States of America   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   TWITTER APPROVES ADS IN FAVOR OF FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION AFTER BLACKLISTING PRO-LIFERS Despite complaints about the post, Twitter allowed the group o'promote' the post-FREAKING PERVERSION!   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   ALEX JONES FULL SHOW – WORLD EXCLUSIVE: PAYPAL BANS INFOWARS AFTER LOBBYING BY DEMOCRATIC PARTY/SOROS GROUP This is the mark of the beast system warned about in Revelations; the ultimate goal of authoritarians is to ban their enemies from commerce and li   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   This Globalist Mouthpiece Fears 'What's Coming Next To The World': What Does Bill Gates Know That We Don't Know? Deagel's Forecast Continues To Suggest: Huge Changes Are Coming To America   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   Steve Quayle and Dane Wigington Hagmann Interview Clips for True Legends Conference September 20   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   The Chinese Plot to Control the World’s Food (Part 2)   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   As A Woman I Am Infuriated By What The Liberal Lynch Mobs Are Doing To Judge Brett Kavanaugh And His Family - Death Threats Against Kavanaugh Family Being Investigated   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   We asked a military analyst how the F-22, Su-57, and J-20 stealth planes match up   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   fIRST TIME HE'S TOLD THE TRUTH!POPE FRANCIS IN POLAND TELLS WORLD FAMOUS PHOTOGRAPHER ‘I AM THE DEVIL’ THEN LAUGHS IT OFF Large book with a beaming John Paul on the cover, Francis quipped: 'Pope John Paul II was a saint, I am the devil.'   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   Pt 2 – Creating a First Aid Kit Suited to YOU and YOUR Needs: SQ;VERY IMPORTANT SUGGESTIONS AS BASIC FIRST AID KITS WONT SUFFICE!   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   SHARIA-COMPLIANT Canadian Media intentionally hide the names of Muslim criminals so as not to further taint the image of IslamSQ;HIDE THE TRUTH AND THE SLAUGHTER OF CANADIANS WILL GO UN-ABATED.THERE IS NO TRUTH IN TRUDEAU!   2018-09-22  
Video of the Day   Scientists Want to Turn Consciousness On and Off Like a Light Switch   2018-09-22  
Hot Headlines   Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com gives his take on the week's top stories with special guest Dr. Dave Janda from the popular radio show "Operation Freedom" in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.   2018-09-21  
Hot Headlines   The Next Big Geomagnetic Storm Poses An Astronomical Risk To Modern Man   2018-09-21  
Hot Headlines   AMERICA IS HEADED TOWARDS A CIVIL WAR-Division, contention, fear, and silent invasion are being used to 'reshape America' The civil war that will emerge in the United States will not be like the previous one.   2018-09-21  
Hot Headlines   August 2018 was 5th hottest on record for the globe and 403rd consecutive month with global temperatures above average SQ-GEO-ENGINEERING AND WEATHER WARS ARE OBVIOUSLY MAN MADE-HUMANITY'S EXTINCTION LIES IN THE BALANCE!   2018-09-21  
Hot Headlines   DOJ STONEWALLING TRUMP ORDER TO RELEASE RUSSIA DOCS Unredacted FISA application, texts said to vindicate president   2018-09-21  

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