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Hot Headlines   Police Confiscate Man’s Guns Over Son’s Water Pistol Threat Latest example of anti-Second Amendment hysteria reaches new level of absurdity   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   Report: 'Intelligence Says There Will Be An Attack on American Soil'   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   Report: 'Intelligence Says There Will Be An Attack on American Soil'   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   Pigs, Ducks, Black Swans, Chickens And Now Fish: The Shanghai Animal Apocalypse Accelerates   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   Ocean Temps WAY above normal around Fukishima:This NOAA map shows massive temperature anomaly off the coast of Japan. Coincidence or full on long-term effects of core breach.   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   Trust in Gold Not Bernanke as U.S. States Promote Bullion:Distrust of the Federal Reserve and concern that U.S. dollars may become worthless are fueling a push in more than a dozen states to recognize gold and silver coins as legal tender.   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   The Most Dangerous Man in America:Kessler made the national scene by submitting a resolution It essentially nullifies all Federal, state and local gun control measures.   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   Mass Mortality 160,500 Crabs, 2,000 Common Lobsters and a staggering 635,000 mussels 150 porpoises on a stretch Holderness Coast, England   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   DRONE HUNTING THE NEW AMERICAN PAST-TIME PETA Plans to Fly Drones That Would ‘Stalk Hunters’ PETA says it’s actively shopping for a drone to monitor hunters Get Ready To Drone-Proof Your House   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   The Russian city being 'eaten alive': Cars, buses, and trucks disappear beneath the earth as they are swallowed by giant sinkholes   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   Japan deploys missile defenses in Tokyo amid North Korea concerns   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   All Over America Evangelical Christians Are Being Labeled As 'Extremists' And 'Hate Groups'   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   Obama to Push Saudi 'Destroy Israel' Peace Plan   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   Oil from Exxon spill in Arkansas flowing into wetlands   2013-04-09  
Scripture of the Day   Proverbs 8   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   The U.S. Air Force as you know it no longer exists: beginning today, 17 combat units grounded :YET THE DHS HAS UNLIMITED MONEY TO MAKE WAR ON THE SAINTS! MAY GOD OPEN THE EYES OF THE MILITARY THAT STILL LOVES THIS COUNTRY-YOU GUYS ARE ON THE BLUE LIST!   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   Comex Gold Inventories Collapse By Largest Amount Ever On Record   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   Russia’s Pravda Declares 'Communism Won in America with Obama; US Suffering Has Only Begun'   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   The mole people: Police find 'homeless city' where vagrants - including kids - live in labyrinth of tunnels 25ft below Kansas City   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   US MINT SELLS NEARLY 1 MILLION SILVER EAGLES MONDAY, BEGINS RATIONING SALES! Chris Duane THe MOST Money Will Be Made AFTER DOllar Collapse   2013-04-09  
Story of the Day   DHS vs. Christians:There is a fundamental question that every American Christian must answer. Does your religious leader serve the word and the will of God, or does he serve the New World Order through tacit acquiescence?   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   Video: 1/3 Of US Air Force Grounded: ‘Sequester’ N. Korean Nuclear False Flag On The Horizon?   2013-04-09  
Hot Headlines   Biden mocks gun skeptics: ‘We’re going to swoop down with Special Forces folks and gather up every gun in America’HAWK-THIS IS THE LUCIFERIAN FAIR WARNING IN YOUR FACE, UNDER THE GUISE OF MOCKERY. HE IS TELLING YOU WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO!   2013-04-09  

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