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Hot Headlines   Sickened Alaska animals getting more tests for Fukushima radionuclides — Oozing sores, bleeding, swollen internal organs, hair loss (PHOTOS)   2013-03-14  
Hot Headlines   Why a banking insider says 'it’s time to be very worried'   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   Denial-of-service attack takes down JP Morgan Chase sites Representative confirms to CNET that the attack is occurring, but can't say how long the site has been down.   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   VULCAN RISING: The loss of American crops along with falling production levels in the Ukraine and other countries has dropped worldwide grain reserves to their lowest levels since 1974   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   Huge delivery in gold/Total tonnage standing in March 8.509 tonnes/Gold :In the UK there is a report which shows that the banks have hidden almost 60 billion pounds (90 billion USA) of losses.   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   Ocala area abuzz over mysterious military-style aircraft:We ran out and looked up in the sky and right over our heads, very low, the sky was filled with black aircraft which were flying without lights,   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   Kyle Bass Warns "The 'AIG' Of The World Is Back--JAPAN IS BROKEN AND CANT BE FIXED   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   Zombie invasion or political rally? Professor says little bit of both   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   Government ammunition stockpiling story breaks through media censorship and goes mainstream   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   Refuse to Buy or Sell with the Federal Government : Allowing government to be an equity stakeholder in a public company is a dangerous practice that few people understand and less care about.   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   NRA's silence on UN arms treaty surprises gun control campaigners Last year, Wayne LaPierre led the charge to kill the world's first Arms Trade Treaty, but this time the NRA may be spread too thin   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   What you 'like' on Facebook might reveal more than you realize   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   Top Banking Analyst: Subsidies to Giant Banks Exceed $780 Billion Dollars Per YEAR:Trillions In Subsidies to the Giant Banks Are Continuing to This Day   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   Democrats, Republicans and NRA work together on gun confiscation :NRA is cutting back room deals to centralize gun owner data collection into the Obama/Holder massive government data base.   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   Hotmail, Outlook, SkyDrive hit by service disruptions Users complain of hours-long inaccessibility of Hotmail, which Microsoft plans to blend with Outlook later this summer.   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   We are in a Fiat Currency Bubble-James Turk:.Either we cut back on spending or the dollar is going to collapse. . . . Those are the two choices   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   The £1billion 'time machine' which could finally reveal mysteries of the universe: World's largest telescope will finally be turned on today   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   HOLY SMOKE! IS THIS FINAL POPE BEFORE JESUS? Predictor of Benedict's resignation eyes vote through lens of prophecy   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   Fed’s Bubbles to Slaughter Middle Class:   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   In major policy shift, scores of FDIC settlements go unannounced Since the mortgage meltdown, the FDIC has opted to settle cases while helping banks avoid bad press, rather than trumpeting punitive actions as a deterrent to others.   2013-03-13  
Story of the Day   10 Things to do Until the Revolution   2013-03-13  
Quote of the Day   Quotes About Perseverance   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   The Erosion of the U.S. Economy In Two Words: Jobs and Wages: legitimate broadbased prosperity is always based on rising employment and increased purchasing power of wages. The phantom wealth that is conjured by asset bubbles vanishes when the bubbles in   2013-03-13  
Hot Headlines   Commander Of U.S. Pacific Forces Says Global Warming Is Our Top Threat…READ IT AND WEEP-CHINA AND RUSSIA HAVE GOT TO BE LAUGHING THEIR HEADS OFF-WE ARE TOAST!   2013-03-13  

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