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Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Demonic possession is REAL, says psychiatry professor who's spent 25 years viewing exorcisms - and says 'fallen angels' target the devout AND those who've meddled with the occult   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   What The Hypocritical Media Is Hiding From Americans: Outraged Over Border Crisis But Ignoring The Trafficking, Rape And Murder Of American Children   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   Pat Buchanan: 'Where Many Americans See Illegal Intruders, Democrats See Future Voters'   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   The Awans and Wasserman Schultz Threaten To Destroy the Deep State (Part 2)   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   SELCO: The Myth of the Perfect EDC and Bug Out Bag   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   A Look Into The Eyes Of The Future And The 'Nightmare Machine': Psychopathic A.I. And Killer Robots Hint Our Days Are Numbered   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   FLASHBACK:Obama’s Immigration Agencies Separated Children From Their Families, Too   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   CA Judge: Twitter Can Be Sued For Falsely Advertising They Allow Free Speech   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   Meet 'The Guardian' – Maybe The Scariest-Looking Robot Yet   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   Five in Ten 6/19/18: Steve Quayle – Forbidden History with Derek Gilbert   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   US tops Germany as country with most new asylum requests While applications have decreased in parts of Europe, they have continued to rise in North America.   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   'Where are the Girls?' Child Trafficking Feared as DHS Can’t Say Where Immigrant Girls are Being Held:SQ-SEE MY ALERT,THAT I POSTED BEFORE I RECEIVED THIS ,ARTICLE   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Who do YOU think wins? IBM's 'unsettling' AI supercomputer argues convincingly against humans in landmark debates between man and machine   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   FBI and DOJ are Enemy Combatants.The rule of law only applies to defend government dominance and protect chosen establishment elites.Both Democrats and Republicans perpetuate the same perversion under the false claim that they are upholding the law   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   Talk Radio Icon Mark Levin: Our Government Is a Bigger Threat to U.S. Than Foreign Enemies   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   9 Year Old Sent to Rehab After Wetting Herself While Refusing to Quit Playing 'Fortnite' — Research Says Video Games and WiFi Exposure Affects Kids’ Brains Same Way as Drugs and Alcohol.   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   Dan Dicks, from Press for Truth joins Sheila Z on a expose on Bilderberg 2018 and why a surprise guest is significant!   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   Tucker Carlson Is On Fire! Panicked Left Calls For His Head   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   Robert De Niro Curses Trump On Live TV, and received a standing ovation for it! We are living in the last days, folks.SQ-MORE OF AN IN DEPTH ARTICLE, SHOWING, JUST HOW WICKED OUR NATION HAS BECOME!   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   Canada’s Prime Minister Accused of Operating a Totalitarian State, Pushing Christians Out of Work: SQ-CANADIANS MUST ASK THE QUESTION ,HAS TRUDEAU CONVERTED TO ISLAM,AND DOES THAT DRIVE HIS CONTEMPT FOR CHRISTIANS!   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   Climbing the Summit with America's CERN-Like Supercomputer:Summit will perform 200,000 trillion calculations per second—or 200 petaflops.SQ-READ BETWEEN THE LINES ,THEY ARE TRYING TO CREATE LIFE FORMS ,FROM THE ATOMIC LEVEL UP!   2018-06-19  
Hot Headlines   Five in Ten 6/18/18: Steve Quayle – Transhumanism and H+ Hybrids:Steve Quayle of GenSix Productions joins us to discuss the upcoming True Legends conference, ‘Transhumanism and the Hybrid Age,’ September 14-16, 2018 in Branson, Missouri.   2018-06-18  
Hot Headlines   McCabe Invokes 5th Amendment Rights; Refuses to Testify before Congress:SQ NOTE HIS PARSED LIPS!   2018-06-18  
Hot Headlines   Amazon caught selling portable concentration camps to imprison children at the border… cue HYSTERIA:Stop being suckered by the deranged left-wing media’s fake news HOAXES   2018-06-18  

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