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Hot Headlines   ANTIFA Protests To Shut Down Austin Church – THIS IS HAPPENING FOLKS!   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   Watch Out President Trump! The Globalists Are Trying To Get You To Make The Same Mistakes Bush And Obama Made! Nothing Less Than 'Judgement Day' Awaits The Wrong Decision   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   'I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This': Meteorologists Expect Florence To Stall And Hammer The East Coast “For Days   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   SHOCKING LEAKED VIDEO: GOOGLE LEADERS DISMAYED BY TRUMP WIN AT CONFERENCEvvLeadership openly devastated by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election loss in internal meeting   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   ‘Catastrophic’: EU Passes Copyright Directive Including Internet ‘Link Tax’ and ‘Upload Filter’   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   Understanding The Tactics Of Subversive Globalism   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   US destroyer arrives in Mediterranean as Syria tensions rise — RT World News   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   Mysterious observatory evacuation stirs alien conspiracy theories   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   Washington's Choice: WWIII Or Saving Face In Syria | Zero Hedge   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   GIGANTIC and Metallic object next to the Sun? Is this one of the reasons for the evacuation of the Solar Observatory in New Mexico?   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   The monopoly-busting case against Google, Amazon, Uber, and Facebook   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   News With Views | The Big Radio Talkers Need To Start Doing Something   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   83-foot waves. EIGHTY-THREE; That’s scary!   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   US Air Force fighter jet intercepts two Russian bombers off the coast of Alaska for the SECOND time in two weeks | Daily Mail   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   Don't let it fool you! Forecasters issue stark warning to ignore Florence's drop to a Category 2 hurricane as rain fall and storm surges will still be life-threatening to the 10MILLION people in the cross hairs | Daily Mail   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   Predictive Programming: The Last Ship Promotes a Red Dawn Invasion from Latin America   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   Two Dozen Fukushima’s At the Same Time? Keep Your Fingers Crossed and Pray   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   An old physics demon could be the future of quantum computing   2018-09-13  
Hot Headlines   Media Blackout on Dire Global Debt – Greg Mannarino   2018-09-12  
Hot Headlines   British CIA agents have warned Trump that the Russians have become very angry in Syria and that they aren't playing. Adds that the USA should be ready for anything   2018-09-12  
Hot Headlines   Violent Flurry Of Recent Attacks By The Left: Attempted Murder, Rape & Death Threats And Forcing Conservative Writer To Go Into Hiding   2018-09-12  
Hot Headlines   'This Really Scares Me': Hurricane Florence Turns South; Nuclear Plants To Shut Dow-But wind is the third cause of damage from a hurricane. First is flooding from heavy rain, then damage along the coast from the sea.They are focused on the wrong thing.'   2018-09-12  
Hot Headlines   Foreign Media Reporting That Reckless China Is Preparing for Multiple Pearl Harbors Against the US   2018-09-12  
Hot Headlines   That’s really bad news for New Zealand: A destructive earthquake is overdue along the Alpine Fault   2018-09-12  
Hot Headlines   People Are 'Fighting For Food' As Authorities Warn Florence 'Could Produce A Disaster Comparable' To Hurricane Katrina   2018-09-12  

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