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Hot Headlines   Mobile apps, smartphones pose a clear and present danger Most people don't realize that the mobile phone is being 'weaponized'   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   Is China really threatening the US with nuclear weapons? Disarmament critics slam US President Donald Trump’s new expansionist nuclear policy   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Pro wrestler admits to role in 1987 unsolved train track murder of two boys and claims it was linked to a cocaine smuggling ring as he implicates 'criminal Arkansas politician' in far-reaching cover-up;'ARKANCIDED'-JUST AS LARRY NICHOLS SAID   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   SQ:YOU ALL HAD BETTER READ THIS! US Secret Service and Chinese security physically fought over the nuclear football when Trump was in China says report   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   2/18/2018 -- Global Earthquake Forecast -- Expecting large M6.8 off West Coast USA / California:SQ NOTE THE QUAKES TAKING PLACE ,THEY ARE STACKING UP AND SPREADING OUT   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   2/18/18 Sinabung Volcano Eruption 55k feet:VERY LARGE VOLCANO IN INDONESIA,HAS ERUPTED   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   Doug Casey On Why Gold Could Go 'Hyperbolic'We’re in a new bull market for gold at this point, but nobody cares. Or even knows that’s true. The same is true for silver. Although, silver is primarily an industrial commodity. It’s the poor man’s gold   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   This Martian Crater Has a Weirdly Earth-Like Secret:'Rock stripes' recently discovered in Mars' Perseverance Valley could be further evidence of water on the red planet.   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   Planning for Mars: Israeli researchers carry out four-day mission in the desert to help prepare for a future trip to the Red Planet   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   FLASHBACK,DAILY MAIL--Brazilian family all have 12 fingers and toes… and they're putting them to good use as goalkeepers and pianists!SQ-THERE IS A SCENE IN THE 1997 MOVIE 'GATTACA',ABOUT A12 FINGERED GENETICALLY ALTERED PIANO PLAYER-   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   What Every Utah Voter Needs To Know About Mitt Romney---he is nothing more than Ted Kennedy in a Ronald Reagan costume. Utah voters deserve to know the documented truth about Mr. Romney. Here it is.Voted # 8 RINO by Human Events   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   Liberty Or Tyranny, Which Do You Choose?.'Many American’s falsely believe they can stand on neutral ground.That is not possible. If one is not engaged in the fight for liberty, then one has joined the side of tyranny'.!!!!!!!   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   Liberal Gun Control InsanitySenator Richard Blumenthal, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Chelsea Handler, Barack Obama are just a few of those cowardly losers that hide behind armed security while telling you that you don’t have the right to defend yourself   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   With These Numbers Showing A 'Future American Holocaust', Why Did CIA Censor 1965 Book Titled 'The Adam And Eve Story'? Deagel's sources for their forecast of catastrophic depopulation of America ARE 'the deep state'   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Gunman 'shouting Allahu Akbar' kills five women and wounds five others as he opens fire on worshippers leaving Russian church service   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   Is Nikolas Cruz the Modern Day Jason Bourne?Florida Shooting: A False Flag In the Making-----A Very Ominous Warning From the Inventor of Electromagnetic Mind Control   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   Nuts don’t fall far from the Tree: Nikolas Cruz younger brother Zachary committed to Mental Facility:SURELY CURSORY INVESTIGATION WOULD HAVE REVEALED THIS TO THE FBI-REMEMBER, SOMEONE GAVE THE ORDER FOR THE FBI TO STAND DOWN!   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   'Church Security Stops Mass Murder attempt in Amarillo Texas':You certainly won’t hear the Communist MSM report on this one because Heroes took down a crazed mad man! And since it happened in a Church it is another reason. MSM hates any mention of Jesus!   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   Did the War of Gog and Magog Begin on Saturday?:Israel and Iran made direct military contact on Saturday for the first time, signaling a significant escalation in the multinational entanglement in Syria.   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   What Could Possibly Go Wrong? New 'Smart Glasses' Create Hologram By Shooting Laser Directly Into Your Eye (And Note The #639 On The Frame = 666)   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   MUST WATCH:'Boston! Fort Hood! Orlando! San Bernardino! 9/11! You (The FBI) Were Involved In Everyone Of Them!'   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   Turkey’s outreach hints at Ottoman revival Ankara's growing deployments and initiatives in the Middle East and Africa are cheered and feared in near equal measure   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   Reason #506,780 To Attend This Year’s Branson Conference On 'The Hybrid Age—Just As Hugo de Garis (Speaking At The Event) Prophesied In His Book THE ARTILECT WARS, A.I. Will Indeed Be 'Billions Of Times' Smarter Than Humans   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   WATER WARS: Cape Town faces 'Day Zero' when the taps will be turned off as South Africa is hit by severe drought:SQ-LOOK AT THE SATELLITE PHOTOS TOWARDS THE BOTTOM OF ARTICLE-STAGGERING!   2018-02-18  
Hot Headlines   WATCH: FOX News Cuts Off Reporter When She Links Psychotropic Drugs to Florida Shooter   2018-02-18  

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