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Hot Headlines   Brave New World: Scientists Bring About ‘Baby Farming’ and The Recreation of The Nephilim   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   In our hedonistic age, should we really let our culture’s storytellers have access to our children?   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   The Vortex: Imminent Revolution, War, and Mass Murder!:Nothing is beneath these criminals. Pray that they fail or nuclear war and the death of millions will be the result.   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   As Technology Races Toward Giving Life To The Image Of The Beast, Theologians Want To Know If An A.I. ENTITY CAN COMMIT SIN   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL--Catholic priest who inspired The Exorcist died from a fall after a ‘possessed’ child spoke to him and he was ‘pushed over by an invisible force’, CIA agent claims   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   'It's Easy To Imagine How This Week Could Spiral Wildly Out Of Control' - Law Enforcement Sources Warn Of Potential 'Simultaneous Attacks Surrounding Period Of Presidential Inauguration' But DHS Says 'No Credible Threats'   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   HOT TOPIC-Hacker Breaks Into Clinton Foundation Server, Finds Millions in Fraud   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   'They Are The Opposition Party' - Trump May Evict Press From The White House   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   Is America a Defeated Nation? Are There Enough Americans Left with the Capacity to Fight?   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   Very bright mysterious object discovered in the active galaxy Cygnus A----Astronomers are baffled by this newly discovered mysterious object twice as bright as the brightest known supernova at these frequencies!   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   More Will Die In The Aftermath Of A Catastrophic Event From Being Unprepared Than From The Disaster Itse   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   Chinese Media Has Told Rex Tillerson to ‘Prepare for a Military Clash’   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   Mystery blasts in Damascus: Syria accuses Israel   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   Mad As Hell Why the public is so pissed off and once you understand the degree to which the average US family and the entire Gen-X and Millennial generations are being completely hosed economically, everything starts to take shape.   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   Hubble captures ‘shadow play’ caused by possible planet   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   Severe winter storm hits Japan, intense sea-effect snow   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   Artist Creates Fabric That Can Fool Facial Recognition Tech   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   Remaking the Mausoleum: One of the Seven Wonders of The Ancient World to be Revived:SQ ALONG WITH THE GIANT STAUE OF THE 'COLOSSUS OF RHODES' WHO WAS A LITERAL 100 FOOT GIANT IN ANTIQUITY-   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of 'Blackstar'   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   Heads Are Finally Beginning To Roll At The Clinton Foundation: It’s unclear how many of the once 200 strong staff might remain at the Clinton Foundation in some other capacity.WATCH HOW MANY BEGIN TO 'TALK' UPON BEING FIRED   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   What drought? Before and after photos show how California has dramatically recovered from record dry spell in just ONE MONTH of rainstorms   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   Mahmoud Abbas: Vatican embassy a 'place of pride' Palestinian leader meets Pope Francis for the opening of Vatican-based embassy, a day before Paris peace conference.   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   Charles Nenner-2017 Prediction-Global War Cycle Coming into Danger Zone: I still see a big problem with China and Japan. We also have problems with Chinese islands (in the South China Sea). If this continues, it’s going to come from there.   2017-01-15  
Hot Headlines   Central-Bank Bashing Has Gold Only Asset Safe From Meddling   2017-01-15  

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