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Hot Headlines   Multicultural Meltdown :Honor killings, forced marriage, people trafficking, slavery, violent exorcism, clitoral mutilation, child grooming, and masked jihadists wishing to slit our throats—you name it, it’s part of our much-lauded, colorful cultural mix.   2015-01-30  
Hot Headlines   Saudi Arabian Cleric: Mickey Mouse Must Die :Sheikh Muhammad Munajid, claimed the mouse is “one of Satan’s soldiers” and makes everything it touches impure, The Telegraph reports   2015-01-30  
Hot Headlines   West Coast orcas experiencing 100% infant mortality rate as radiation from Fukushima drifts across ocean   2015-01-30  
Hot Headlines   UKRAINE--War Clouds Darken :Trails of fire lit up the sky as rockets blazed towards their targets, bright flashes visible for miles around when they hit in the fading light   2015-01-30  
Hot Headlines   Obama State Department hosts Muslim Brotherhood leaders   2015-01-30  
Hot Headlines   The Worst Form of Inequality : If Islam and its egregious manifestations of violence and political aggression (jihad) were not a problem, why is Europe now the scene of massive demonstrations against 'Islamization' of the continent?   2015-01-30  
Hot Headlines   'Ferocity' of China crackdown 'unseen in recent years’:China is violating human rights at an intensity that is unprecedented in its recent history, a top watchdog group said Thursday.   2015-01-30  
Hot Headlines   Chinese Immigrant: Common Core is the Communist Core I Went Through in China   2015-01-30  
Hot Headlines   US Navy wants robots to train Marines   2015-01-30  
Hot Headlines   Super Bowl alert after measles outbreak warning in Arizona:FIRST RULE OF TACTICAL SURVIVAL-YOU WANT TO BE WHERE EVERYONE ELSE ISN’T!   2015-01-30  
Hot Headlines   Silver-Investor David Morgan: Industrial Demand, Looper (Film), Dividends & Oil   2015-01-29  
Hot Headlines   Gorbachev warns the Cold War will become a ‘hot’ armed conflict between Moscow and the West if the EU expands Russian sanctions   2015-01-29  
Hot Headlines   Russians: They're Here, Have Been Here And Now There Is Proof! Why Won't The MSM Talk About The Spetsnaz On US Soil?   2015-01-29  
Hot Headlines   Paul Craig Roberts – EU And Banksters Threaten:'Defy Us And We Will Destroy You'   2015-01-29  
Hot Headlines   Ebola outbreak: Virus mutating, scientists warn   2015-01-29  
Hot Headlines   OBAMA'S PROMISED CIVILIAN FORCE: IT'S HAPPENING Exclusive: Erik Rush ties YouTuber GloZell Green query into president's 2008 call   2015-01-29  
Hot Headlines   More evidence China preparing to attack Japan   2015-01-29  
Hot Headlines   Administration Official Criticizes Israeli Ambassador Over Netanyahu Visit   2015-01-29  
Hot Headlines   Dr. Jim Willie - Prepare For 'Conclusion Events' - Something 'Big, Ugly And Nasty' Is Coming!   2015-01-29  
Hot Headlines   USA Today columnist calls for arrest and imprisonment of vaccine skeptics; THIS GUY SHOULD BE FIRED AND HIT WITH EVERY FORM OF ARGUMENT AGAINST HIS USA TODAY ARTICLE--INCLUDING DROPPING YOUR SUBSCRIPTION   2015-01-29  
Hot Headlines   Tom Horn Interviews Dr. Lake On The Shinar Directive (Part 1)   2015-01-29  
Hot Headlines   Rigged Super Bowls and Other Sporting Events   2015-01-29  
Hot Headlines   Woman who banned Muslims from her gun range says business is booming since she banished them as 'a matter of public safety'   2015-01-29  

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