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Hot Headlines   Oil prices plummet as OPEC decides against output cut   2014-11-28  
Hot Headlines   Global Weather Modification Assault Causing Climate Chaos And Environmental Catastrophe   2014-11-28  
Hot Headlines   Swiss, French call to bring home gold reserves as Dutch move 122 tons out of US   2014-11-28  
Hot Headlines   Israel slams Ankara: This is no way for a NATO state to act   2014-11-28  
Hot Headlines   Vaccines Don't Work: Malignant Mumps In MMR Vaccinated Children   2014-11-28  
Hot Headlines   The Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet is holding drills in the English Channel, the Fleet’s Western Military Region’s press service announced Friday.   2014-11-28  
Hot Headlines   It’s the end for Iraqi Christians Canon Andrew White, the ‘Vicar of Baghdad’, has been ordered home against his wishes with a £36m Isis bounty on his head. He is terrified for the flock he has left behind   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   Brisbane hit by golf ball-sized hail storms :THE army has been deployed and a massive clean-up operation will begin in Brisbane today after the city was smashed by hailstones the size of golf balls and destructive gusts up to 140km/h.   2014-11-27  
Song of the Day   Jackie Evancho - The Lord's Prayer   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   Jackie Evancho - To Believe - The Original - :LISTEN TO THIS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL SONG!   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   Why Did the Pharisees Hate Jesus So Much? :When persecution comes it comes first not from the state, but from that part of the church that seeks to appease the state. R.C. SPROUL JR.   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   Asosan - the largest volcano in Japan enters new eruptive phase, Kyushu   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   Why The Sun's 30-year Hibernation From This Winter May Lead To Global Food Riots   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   Here’s The Difference Between Feeling Thankful And Thanksgiving While gratitude based on temporal things will eventually fail us, thanksgiving is an act of communion with the eternal.   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   How the Pilgrims and Reformation Formed America   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   Graphene breakthrough could trigger electric car revolution: Proton discovery paves way to super-efficient batteries--Graphene is the world's thinnest and strongest material that is impermeable to atoms and molecules   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   OBAMA ADMITS TO VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION Tells pro-immigration heckler "I just took an action to change the law”   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   Celiac disease showing up in many forms and at all ages   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   Total Chinese Gold Reserves Approaching 16,000t   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   Swiss Anti Gold Propaganda Questioned - Gold Protects Purchasing Power   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   U.S. & ‘International Banks’ Finance Ukraine’s Civil War   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   SWEDEN: Police have essentially ceded control of more than 55 ‘NO-GO ZONES’ to Muslim criminal gangs   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   THE PRESUMPTION OF LIBERTY Whose freedom in America is safe today?   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   CAUGHT ON TAPE: #FERGUSON ARSONIST TORCHING CONVENIENCE STORE ON MONDAY NIGHT Security cameras at Ferguson Market and Liquor caught an arsonist squirting lighter fluid in the store and setting it on fire   2014-11-27  
Hot Headlines   Scientist Discovers US Population Infected With ‘Alien' Bacteria   2014-11-27  

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