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Hot Headlines   Putin On Terror Attacks: This Is The New World Orders Final Stage Elites 70-year master plan for Europe   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   Have The Forces Of Nature Been Weaponized And Turned Against Us? Are We Seeing The Signs Of The Grisly Change In Nature's Creatures Even Now'?   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   Sucker-Punch A Conservative, Body-Slam A Journalist - What Is The Difference? Middle America: 'Maybe The Media Deserves It' SQ-EVEN MICHAEL SAVAGE WANTS TO BUY A RANCH IN MONTANA-KUDOS TO GIANFORTE,HE'S NO WIMP!   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   Another huge wave anomaly coming from Antarctica – What the heck is really going on?:SQ-TAKES A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF ENERGY TO GENERATE A WAVE ANOMALY THIS SIZE ,WHICH IS THE GIVE AWAY WORD-HUGE TRANSMISSION DEVICE OPERATIONAL   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   Pedogate: President of NY Young Democrats/de Blasio staffer arrested for child porn as young as 6 mos.   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   Largest Sex Trafficking Bust In US History, Dozens Of High-Level 'Slave Traders' Indicted   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   How is Hawaii preparing for a nuclear attack threat by North Korea? With a massive defence overhaul   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   Federal Prosecutor Investigating Fraud Found Dead in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s District :Whisenant worked for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami in its major crimes unit. He had joined the office in January.   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   BA BANK HOLIDAY CHAOS British Airways cancels ALL flights from Heathrow and Gatwick after systems go down across entire world causing havoc for British holidaymakers – but airline denies cyber attack   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Knifeman stabs two Good Samaritans dead as they try to defend woman in a hijab after he started yelling anti-Muslim slurs at her on a train   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   The latest news from the president in exile-- Mr. Obama and the Democrats clearly think they are the real thing. Donald Trump is merely the interloper, and once he and his administration are destroyed, the Restoration will be at hand.   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   FBI Refuses To Hand Over 'Comey Memos' To Congress :'Congress and the American public have a right and a duty to examine this issue independently of the Special Counsel's investigation'.   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   Religion Of Peace Leaves Everlasting Mark On Manchester’s Children: Western Civilization and the unmatched achievements of Christian men that are in the cross hairs today. Most white men don’t have the courage to say it…but I just did.   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   Five must-have communications devices for any emergency: Your ability to communicate with the right people can spell the difference between life and death. Having the right communications tool can save you during times of crisis.   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   Huge scale of terror threat revealed: UK home to 23,000 jihadists   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   Schools Are Training Our Children to be Global Serfs----Agenda 21 Controls Your Child’s Mind   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   'The bloodletting of Christians must end': Trump says 'civilization is at a precipice' after 'thuggish' terrorists killed 28 people by opening fire on Egyptian Copts on their way to pray   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   ALIEN ORGANISMS CREATED ON EARTH ARE KILLING MILLIONS A YEAR Never before seen medical issues are spreading throughout America   2017-05-27  
Hot Headlines   The Takeover – America This is Your Wake Up Call, Communism is Rising in Our Society:The utter destruction of the moral compass of Americans lays bear the evidence that a takeover is well under way.   2017-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Chinese fighter jets buzz US Navy surveillance plane outside Hong Kong   2017-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Government Silver Sales Have Totally Dried Up… WHY?   2017-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Trump Administration Notified Of 'Imminent Threat To US Nuclear Facilities' From 'Wave Of Catastrophic Earthquakes About To Start' - Is This Why Everybody's Now Warning 'The Big One' Is Coming? And Do The Animals Know?   2017-05-26  
Hot Headlines   New Law Will Send 'Online Bullies' To Jail – Censorship is Here   2017-05-26  
Hot Headlines   The Deep State Is Eliminating All Opposition to Its Power and Control   2017-05-26  

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