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Hot Headlines   Diseased Street:An NBC Bay Area Investigation reveals a dangerous concoction of drug needles, garbage, and feces lining the streets of downtown San Francisco.Compared to some of the worst slums in the world.   2018-02-20  
Hot Headlines   Limbaugh: ‘Russia investigation’ designed to protect 1 person (Obama) No question that's 'one of the primary guiding aspects of the Mueller team'   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   UK pedophile arrested for plot to rape young girls for top politicians, then dissolve their bodies in acid with the youngest victim of child pornography he’s seen 'still had the umbilical cord attached'   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   La Palma volcano eruption 'NOT IMPOSSIBLE' Canary Islands warning after 928 seismic tremors,in just one week.Scientists reminded residents to remember they live in 'volcanically active territory' just four months after the a swarm of more than 200 tremor   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   There’s Plenty We Could Do About Mass Shootings :Ukrainians were killed at a rate of 25,000 per day (over 1,000 per hour or 17 per minute) and over 30% of those were children under 10 years old.Ukrainian death estimates were between 7-10 MILLION!   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   Earthquake swarm in Iceland intensifies: M5.2 and M4.5 earthquakes top the series now counting more than 2000 earthquakes since four days SQ;KEEP YOUR EYES ON MID -ATLANTIC RIDGE AND THE CANARY ISLANDS!   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   MUST READ:With 'Nanoweapons Of Mass Destruction' :There seems to be no limit to what food technologists are prepared to do to our food and nanotechnology will give them a whole new set of tools to go to new extremes.   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   The Financial Survival Guide: What is Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency For 5 Year Olds:SQ-I HAVE BEEN GETTING A LOT OF QUESTIONS ABOUT CRYPTOCURRENCIES -HERE IS A SIMPLE WAY OF EXPLAINING IT,WITH INFO GRAPHIC   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   Greyerz – Pandora’s Box And Disastrous Worldwide Consequences:There is nothing that is sound in our current financial system. Virtually all sovereign nations are bankrupt. Add to that their pension, social security, medical and other unfunded liabilities.   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   Why Christians Don’t (and Won’t) Support Gun Control:Although we are, indeed, sheep sent out to wolves, the Good Shepherd never intended and neither does he ask us to provide a pacifistic buffet of mutton for any wolf that seeks to devour us.   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   Gun Violence in America: Yet Another Symptom of a Willingly Ignorant and Godless Nation:We have a wicked government, laden with globalist/luciferian leaders that have led our nation to embrace homosexual marriage, full-term abortion, transgenderism   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   Florida’s Teacher of the Year Bluntly Writes WHY School Violence Is Out of Control   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   Florida’s Teacher of the Year Bluntly Writes WHY School Violence Is Out of Control   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   Media Hands Russia A Gift As President Trump Says Moscow 'Laughing Their A**es Off'- CNN Admits Running Yet Another Russia Story They Have Not 'Independently Verified'   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   STUNNING: Mueller Patched Together Much of His Indictment from 2015 Radio Free Europe Article   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   Quantum Hacking Could Be 'Catastrophic' If We Don't Develop Better Cryptography   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   Powerful Arctic cold blast to hit Europe:Recent Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) event above the North Pole is about to channel in very cold Arctic air into large parts of Europe starting early next week. Very cold weather could extend into early March.   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   Earthquake shakes southern Mexico for second time in three days A magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck southern Mexico early on Monday, sending frightened residents into the streets as seismic alarms echoed across the capital   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Could you live forever? Humans will achieve IMMORTALITY using AI and genetic engineering by 2050, expert claims: 'WARNING SEX BOT IMAGE',AS I'VE WARNED, HE LINKS THEM 'WITH ANDROIDS AND HUMANS MERGING'   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   Germany edges toward Chinese-style rating of citizens:China is experimenting with a dystopian “social credit system” which grades every citizen based on their behavior.The head of an expert panel argues that Germany is sleepwalking in the same direction.   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   Tech, War on Tradition, Racial Propaganda Designed to Scramble Humanity :Mass shootings like we just saw in Florida are an outgrowth of this environment. Broken families, SSRI drugs, the war on 'toxic masculinity', feminism, globalization   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   Mobile apps, smartphones pose a clear and present danger Most people don't realize that the mobile phone is being 'weaponized'   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   Is China really threatening the US with nuclear weapons? Disarmament critics slam US President Donald Trump’s new expansionist nuclear policy   2018-02-19  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Pro wrestler admits to role in 1987 unsolved train track murder of two boys and claims it was linked to a cocaine smuggling ring as he implicates 'criminal Arkansas politician' in far-reaching cover-up;'ARKANCIDED'-JUST AS LARRY NICHOLS SAID   2018-02-19  

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