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Hot Headlines   Baltimore: Protests Turn Violent - Raw Footage 'The Revolution Is Here! I'm Going To Kill You! All Of You - Guilty!'   2015-04-26  
Hot Headlines   UN Medic Units Photographed On Truck On 'Due Course' To Texas As Gun Confiscation Plans Ramp Up!   2015-04-26  
Hot Headlines   The city reduced to rubble: Bodies lining pavements, funeral pyres in the streets and a race against time to find survivors... appalling aftermath of Nepal earthquake which claimed at least 2,300 lives   2015-04-26  
Hot Headlines   Everest's 'deadliest day ever': Up to 18 climbers and sherpas feared dead, including Google executive, in avalanches caused by huge earthquake that killed at least 2,200 people across Himalayas   2015-04-26  
Hot Headlines   M6.7 - 17km S of Kodari, Nepal - Afterschock   2015-04-26  
Hot Headlines   Convoy of military vehicles “as far as the eye can see”, massive military buildup in America continues   2015-04-26  
Hot Headlines   Update from Iraq: broken pipes, broken cars, and bartering at bazaars: Jeremiah Farrell   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   UFO seen near Chile's Calbuco volcano's ash cloud in video   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   The Muslim Brotherhood Is In Charge of Jade Helm   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   Israel and the Coming of Catastrophe   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   Tens Of Thousands Of Christians Rise Up To Declare To The World What Islamic Terrorists Are Doing To Christians, And Flood The Streets To Fight Against The Islamic Persecution Of Christians   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   Military Vehicles Staging Behind Midland Texas Wal-Mart As Choppers Fill Skies And 'Blacked-Out' FEMA Buildings Are Built In Kentucky   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   Liquid mercury found under Mexican pyramid could lead to king's tomb   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   Jade Helm And 'Six Months Of Horror' Predicted By David Wilkerson 20 Years Ago?   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   'Oilfield Igniter' Explosives Go Missing From Halliburton In Jade Helm 15 Texas Sending Out Major False Flag Red Flag   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   More than 700 dead and homes and offices collapse as massive earthquake rocks Nepal destroying historic 19th-century tower   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   Is the U.S. Government Building the Terrorists they Need?   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   China Signs Huge Arms Deal With Russia, Buys World's Best Missile   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   AFP: Extremely high radiation levels detected in Tokyo   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   Savage drought will drive Lake Mead to record low on Sunday   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   Russia Conducts Simulated Launches of Iskander-M Missiles   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   Basic Food Items out of Reach for Four in Five Venezuelans   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   Change our religious beliefs, time to say hands off our religion   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   Nathan Leal - Expose from the Wall - On Hagmann and Hagmann - 'Operation Jade Helm - An Expose - Incarceration'   2015-04-25  
Hot Headlines   Magnitude-7.9 quake hits Nepal, causing big damage, injuries   2015-04-25  

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