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Hot Headlines   Ray Dalio: 'If You Don't Own Gold, You Know Neither History Nor Economics'   2015-05-15  
Hot Headlines   The Greatest Water Crisis In The History Of The United States   2015-05-15  
Hot Headlines   Jade Helm: Marines train for internment of citizens under martial law;NOT THE ENEMY IS DEFINED AS AMERICAN CITIZENS   2015-05-15  
Hot Headlines   Chinese Setting the Stage For a Military Invasion of the United States West Coast When the Timing is Right? (IMPORTANT FLASHBACK ARTICLE)   2015-05-15  
Hot Headlines   Op-Ed: ​Controversial US Military Exercise Stokes Fears of Martial Law What is Obama planning for the southwest this summer?   2015-05-15  
Hot Headlines   In September, Petrus Romanus And The Biggest Names On The Planet' Will Go Even Further When They Gather Beneath The UN Banner To Launch A 'Sustainable' New World Order That Will Touch Virtually EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   US Veterans Aid Those Fighting Islamic State – Help Rescued Women and Children;THIS PROJECT IS WORTHY OF YOUR PRAYERS AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT!   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   Collapse Prep Countrywide As Entire System Is Prepared To Be Brought Down - 'There's No Way Out Of It'   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   'It was the hand of God': 'Brain-dead' girl who was pulled off life support AWAKES from coma after chiropractor's prayer session and makes full recovery   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   VIDEO: MARINES PRACTICE SUBDUING CITIZENS INSIDE INTERNMENT CAMP Role players chant for food and water during alarming exercise   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   U.S. Launch Of QE4 To Trigger Frightening Bond And Currency Collapse, Hyperinflation And A Silver Move That Will Shock The World   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   'It Is Coming Quicker Than You Think!' - Are You Prepared To Be Locked Out of Your Bank Account? - 'The Ultimate Bait For The Ultimate Trap'   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   Jade Helm and Atzlan Giveaway of the American Southwest:Undeniable Links Between Jade Helm and Reconquista Atzlan;SQ-HAVE BEEN TOLD SECRET TREATY EXISTS, LITERALLY GIVING BACK SOUTHWEST TO MEXICO-THATS WHY TEXAS IS MAJOR ATTACK FRONT-NOTE THE SONS OF TEXA   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   Pentagon Report: China Deploys MIRV Missile :This is (to my knowledge) the first time the US Intelligence Community has made a public claim that China has fielded a MIRVed missile system.   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   NATO to Boost Defense in East, South Europe to Cold War Levels Over Russia   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   Jade Helm: Special Forces train with local police for domestic military raids: SPECIAL FORCES TO CONDUCT SIMULATED DOMESTIC MILITARY RAIDS ON AMERICAN SOIL   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   Nuclear fallout renders Fukushima, nearby towns uninhabitable for next few decades   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   New Federal Vaccine Mandate Proposed: All Shots Required, No Parental Exemptions   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   DHS is using state police to set up a national domestic drone spying program   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   Ban Bottled Water? Industry Scrutinized in Parched California   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   In September, the UN Launches a Major Sustainable Development Agenda for the Entire Planet   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   'The biggest company you’ve never heard of' acquired by major military contractor you’ve heard of   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   China demands US warships keep away from disputed South China Sea islands   2015-05-14  
Hot Headlines   Explosive Report: Jade Helm 15 Mastering The Human Domain Exposed Part 1   2015-05-14  

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