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Hot Headlines   Recent Earthquakes Near Oklahoma, United States--7 earthquakes today 42 earthquakes in the past 7 days 229 earthquakes in the past month 3,405 earthquakes in the past year   2016-04-08  
Hot Headlines   WILL A GATEWAY BE OPENED WHEN THE ARCH FROM THE TEMPLE OF BAAL IS RECONSTRUCTED IN TIMES SQUARE? Part of Temple of Baal that stood in Palmyra, Syria to be reconstructed in Times Square and in Trafalgar Square in London:NWO Opening Thousands Of Portals To   2016-04-08  
Hot Headlines   David Stockman: Wall St.-Washington establishment petrified by Donald Trump   2016-04-08  
Hot Headlines   Tactical Preparations for Christians Today - The Immediate Need to Change our Thinking for the Days Ahead THI IS THE MOST SUCCINCT AND COMPELLING OVERVIEW THAT I HAVE EVER READ-KUDOS TO DOUG HAGMANN'S WELL WRITTEN PIECE-MUST READ!   2016-04-08  
Hot Headlines   Antidepressants & School Shootings, Suicides, Compiled Into 1 Terrifying News Compilation   2016-04-08  
Hot Headlines   Antarctica ancient ruins, pyramid and a giant megalithic structure in the shape of a swastika visible from Space   2016-04-08  
Hot Headlines   The Trump Tsunami-The'last trump' is referenced twice in scripture-- Not only does the word 'trump' directly apply to the last days but arguably the most well-known person of all time possesses it.   2016-04-08  
Hot Headlines   AND SO IT BEGINS . . .NJ HOME INVASION — FOR FOOD!:The economy is in almost complete collapse. People simply are not out buying goods and services. Yes, they’re buying food – they HAVE to eat.   2016-04-08  
Hot Headlines   The Panama papers revealed only one of the vast networks used by criminals, corrupt politicians and tax evaders to hide wealth from scrutiny.   2016-04-08  
Hot Headlines   The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Must Resign :Is their one righteous man in the Pentagon who can save the US military from its impending doom?Dempsey did more damage to the US military than all the enemies of America in the last 240 years combine   2016-04-08  
Hot Headlines   John Hathaway Warns Panic Into Physical Gold To Cause The Price To Skyrocket   2016-04-07  
Hot Headlines   Top Space Scientist Claims 'Planet Nine' Could Cause E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event)   2016-04-07  
Hot Headlines   Are We Going to Let the Criminal Elite Steal This Election?   2016-04-07  
Hot Headlines   Has CERN Opened Up Massive Portals From Antarctica Across The Planet Or 'Distanced Itself From Satan'?   2016-04-07  
Hot Headlines   Vanuatu is under earthquake attack as the third major quake strikes: A mag 6.9 Vanuatu is the third to strike the same spot in a week   2016-04-07  
Hot Headlines   Ted Cruz National Enquirer Cheating Scandal Enters New Phase   2016-04-07  
Hot Headlines   Senate Dem: National debt is not 'a threat to our country': SQ-THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET 'STUCK ON STUPID IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE'-TRUTH BECOMES IRRELEVANT AND HATED!   2016-04-07  
Hot Headlines   University Poster Campaign Tells Christian Students to ‘Check Their Privilege’ THE FULL SCALE WAR AND NULLIFICATION AGAINST CHRISTIANS IS ON- NEXT WAVE ,WILL CULMINATE IN ACTUAL WAR;THE SALT HAS LOST ITS SAVOR!   2016-04-07  
Hot Headlines   The Slippery Slope: It's Not Just the Unborn Being Denied Rights Under the Constitution:American families who have their dogs shot, their homes trashed and their children terrorized or, worse, killed by errant SWAT team raids in the middle of the night   2016-04-07  
Hot Headlines   A mag 6.0 - 68km SSW of Bunisari, Indonesia is the 'SIXTH' major quake of April in six day's! :NOTE ALL THE 6'S   2016-04-07  
Hot Headlines   Windows 10 is Stealing Your Bandwidth (You Might Want to Delete It) :Q: Why do they need all of that bandwidth, and why does Microsoft need to 'update' your PC nearly every day? SQ-I USE MAC NEVER WINDOWS- NEVER   2016-04-07  
Hot Headlines   The CRISPR interference technique has enormous potential application, including altering the germline of humans, animals and other organisms, and modifying the genes of food crops.: EXPLAINS THE ARTICLE IMMEDIATELY BELOW   2016-04-07  
Hot Headlines   CRISPR Dispute Raises Bigger Patent Issues That We’re Not Talking About:SQ- GREAT, NOW WE WILL HAVE THE 'BORG BOARD OF HUMAN DESTROYERS'!   2016-04-07  
Hot Headlines   Singularity University: The Harvard of Silicon Valley Is Planning for a Robot Apocalypse The students and teachers at Singularity University welcome a future where robots run the world.   2016-04-07  

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