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Hot Headlines   Russian bomber patrols to reach Gulf of Mexico   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   Radiation levels spike 7,000% at US nuclear site — Coming from Plutonium, Uranium, Americium, or other alpha emitters — AP: Workers shelter in buildings —   2014-11-12  
Video of the Day   Video Documentation Reveals Commercial Aircraft Spraying Chemtrails To Warm Climate   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   500 crashes, schools closed and MORE to come: 'Omega Block' storm smothers Midwest in snow as big freeze is set to leave Texas colder than ALASKA   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   Comet 67P Sings a Mysterious Song caught by Rosetta Spacecraft   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   The Economic End Game Explained,It's about acceptance — the acceptance by the masses of a’new normal' in which financial and political terror become the foundation of daily life.   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   Japan's smartphone 'zombies' wreak havoc on the streets   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   The How and Why Behind Obama’s Mysterious Rise to the Presidency: Soviet Defectors Warn of Deception and the Emergence of a Manchurian Candidate   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   Humans Could Win Right to Marry Animals, Court Told:BEASTIALITY IS BACK! NAHUM 3:1-7   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   ANOTHER 'ERADICATED DISEASE' INVADING U.S. Dengue fever brought in by 'unaccompanied minors'   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   To appease Muslims, school district drops Christian, Jewish holidays from calendar:WILL YOU SPEAK OUT, STAND UP AND RESIST OR WAIT UNTIL ITS TOO LATE-THEY WILL STEAL OUR CULTURE BEFORE THEY TAKE OUR LIVES! ONE FOLLOWS THE OTHER!   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   SCHOOL BANS STUDENTS FROM PRAYING TOGETHER Warns religious talk violates 'separation of church and state'   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   Apache 'HELICOPTER GUN SHIP' Visits Shooters at Range and sends them a message! WATCH SECOND VIDEO!   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   Swiss Regulator: 'Clear Attempt To Manipulate Precious Metals ' … 'Particularly Silver’: Banks continue to get mere slaps on the wrists for breaking the law. Very few traders or bankers have faced prosecution or jail time   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   Chris Martenson: ‘Your and my future is being decided by about three dozen people’   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   ADDENDUM: $18,000 Gold & U.S. Becomes Third World | Jim Willie– U.S. Mint SOLD OUT of Silver Eagles* ?1:17 – GLD and ScotiaMocatta being drained of physical gold ?5:38 – The U.S. government has already defaulted on its debt; China is taking control ?17:   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   Russia Sends More Convoys Into Ukraine as Cease-Fire Collapses:NATO’s supreme commander says cease-fire now exists in 'name only'   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   Matt Taibbi on JPMorgan Chase's Worst Nightmare :Stopping 'massive criminal securities fraud' is a true national security requirement. Internet revelations can only expose the latest schemes.   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   Michael Brown's parents to testify before UN about Ferguson police violence:NOTE THE TIMING IN CONJUCTION WITH U.N. SMALL ARMS CONVENTION-POLICE DEPTS EVERYWHERE BETTER SEE THE HIDDEN HAND IN PLAY ON THIS ONE!   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   ALERT: Vets Receive Shocking Letter From the VA… This Is Tyranny: The news of widespread corruption and the deliberate deleting of veterans’ records and appointments, in order to create the appearance of'“fixing' the horrific backlog of unseen VA patient   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   Ruble Gains as Russia Lets Go of the Reins Central Bank Abandons Routine Interventions and Lets Currency Float Freely on the Market   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   Obamacare was passed thanks to 'lack of transparency' and 'stupidity of the American voter,' says ACA architect-BY THE GUY WHO DESIGNED IT-THEY MOCK ,BLEED US DRY OF FUNDS AND THEN DESTROY-'VAMPIRE ECONOMY'!   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   People concerned about FEMA camps, communism or Agenda 21 named 'potential terrorists' by U.S. government   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   Pope calls for seminary training for 'constructive dialogue with Muslims…to live a peaceful coexistence with them'   2014-11-12  
Hot Headlines   Wall Street Journal Reports Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Has Been Involved in $904 Million in Asset Forfeitures   2014-11-12  

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