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Hot Headlines   Relative Scarcity of Physical Gold Prompts Large Drawdowns From Funds and ETFs :The relentless demand from Asia is stressing the highly leveraged claims per physical ounce of gold in London and New York.   2018-10-15  
Hot Headlines   WOW--Spray-On Antenna's Threaten Your Life-'This technology could enable the truly seamless integration of antennas with everyday objects which will be critical for the emerging Internet of Things.'   2018-10-15  
Hot Headlines   Scientists Freak Out Over Pandemic Potential Of Genetically Engineered Smallpox;SQ;KEN ALIBEK WARNED OF EBOLA POX AND OTHER SMALLPOX BIO WEAPONS OVER A DECADE AGO,PRIMING THE MASSES FOR EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT!   2018-10-15  
Hot Headlines   Scientists Freak Out Over Pandemic Potential Of Genetically Engineered Smallpox;SQ;KEN ALIBEK WARNED OF EBOLA POX AND OTHER SMALLPOX BIO WEAPONS OVER A DECADE AGO,PRIMING THE MASSES FOR EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT!   2018-10-15  
Hot Headlines   Hexes and Vexes: Armor Up! October CALL For ACTION:Dr. Pat Holliday Simulcasts on Sheilas show Friday October 12, 2018 for a powerful PRAYER AND CALL TO ACTION!   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Turn around, don’t drown! Insane storm strands motorists in flash flooding and mud flows in Joshua Tree, California   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Stay Alert With Extreme Prejudice! The 'World In 2019' Economist Magazine Cover Hints At The Arrival Of The 'End Game' - Globalist Mouthpiece's 33rd Edition Is Midnight Black!   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   DAILY MAIL:Winter came early this year! Snow warnings are issued across EIGHT states as the Rockies brace for record-cold temperatures and a foot of snow which continues to fall in parts of the Rocky Mountains, reaching record cold   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   HR 1111-The Democrats and the UN Plan to Seize Control of the Government :Democratic Leadership Have Expressed the Intent to Hand Off the Country to the UN   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Stephen Hawking Predicted Race of ‘Superhumans’ –'There Will be a Race of Self-Designing Beings'SQ:THIS WAS HUGO DE GARIS'S MAIN POINT AT OUR TRAHNSHUMANSIM CONFERENCE-YOU MUST ACQUIRE OUR BRANSON DVDS AND WATCH! EXTINCTION LOOMS   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   The Mobs Are Becoming More Unhinged As 20 Examples From October Alone Show Us That We Are Past The Point Of No Return SQ;HAVE YOU ALL CONSIDERED THE RAMIFICATIONS OF THE POINT OF NO RETURN AND WHAT THAT WILL LOOK LIKE ? PREPARE TO DEFEND YOURSELVES '-'CIV   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   D.MAIL:Rise of the super-rich master race: Stephen Hawking's last essay predicted a new race of 'superhumans' that could destroy the rest of humanity after wealthy people start manipulating their children's DNA SQ; YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THIS!   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Pollution Caused by Wireless Wi-Fi Radiation is Topic of 'Wireless Silent Spring' -Insurance companies are aware of this and aren’t interested in covering wireless exposure related illnesses anymore.   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   IN FULFILLMENT OF TOM HORN’S 'BLOOD ON THE ALTAR' WAR PITTING CHRISTIANS AGAINST CHRISTIANS: Liberal Evangelical Group Launches Nationwide ‘Revival’ Tour To Unseat Republicans In Midterms, Join Witchcraft Efforts To Bind Trump Administration   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Over 17 Inches of Snow Fell in North Dakota and It's Only October We had such a great crop coming too,' Brad McKay, a farmer in Valley City, stated-'I really think out here if we can get 50 percent of what we had we’ll call it a win'.SQ WEATHER WAR!   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Can our modern ‘house divided’ remain one nation? From prominent Democrats, there are daily calls for resistance in the streets, and our restaurants and theaters have turned into no-go zones for people of the wrong political party.   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   COLORADO ASSERTS RIGHT TO RENEW ATTACK ON BAKER'S CHRISTIANITY Despite Supremes' ruling, says it can force creation of offensive messages   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Hurricane Michael is the latest manipulated hurricane to hit the US. Though much can be speculated on regarding the many agendas being carried out by the climate engineers, the fact that Hurricane Michael was steered is beyond debate.   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Islam's 'civilization': 'Refugees' in Morias are looking for 5 year olds :The article describes how 'refugees' buy and sell children in the camp in order to defeat them or attack others.   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Huge Brawl On The Streets Of America As Antifa Goes Head To Head With Proud Boys: Portland Cops Open Fire With Less-Lethal Rounds   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   'Genocide against Christians' Extremist Persecution of Christians, April 2018   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Islam and Freedom Cannot Coexist -The Islamic treasury, flush with oil extortion money together with the help of useful idiots, currently has the upper hand in this battle of survival for freedom.   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Entire Federal Budget Now National Security Secret – Dr. Mark Skidmore 'how can you have a democracy if you don’t have any transparency whatsoever? Having integrity and confidence is so essential to the whole system, and this just puts everything in quest   2018-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Horror Activates Physiological Responses in Your Body--Sounds (Frequency) Increases Horror;SQ;THE REAL PURPOSE BEHIND HALLOWEEN!   2018-10-14  

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