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Hot Headlines   Decision by Netanyahu, Barak to strike Iran is almost final -- Israel TV   2012-08-11  
Hot Headlines   Louisiana Sink Hole Explained — POSSIBLE HUGE CATASTROPHE in the making   2012-08-11  
Prep Tip of the Week   How To Staple Skin With Dr. Bones video   2012-08-11  
Hot Headlines   Saturday Night Special: Steve Quayle tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report As worlds collide: The Seen and Unseen   2012-08-11  
Hot Headlines   Officer imprisoned for challenging Obama tells story   2012-08-11  
Hot Headlines   Exposed! IRS Helping Illegal Immigrants   2012-08-11  
Hot Headlines   6.2 quake hits near Iran city   2012-08-11  
Hot Headlines   Is DHS Preparing an Oklahoma City Style False Flag Before November Elections?   2012-08-11  
Hot Headlines   They will collapse the system and enslave the people   2012-08-11  
Hot Headlines   Extreme plasma theories put to the test   2012-08-11  
Hot Headlines   Book details Soviet plans to wage germ warfare with lethal ‘designer’ strains   2012-08-11  
Hot Headlines   Super-Robot With Twin Guns Is Unveiled   2012-08-11  
Hot Headlines   Armageddon Chic: luxury escapes for the End of the World   2012-08-10  
Hot Headlines   Evidence further suggests extra-terrestrial origin of quasicrystals   2012-08-10  
Hot Headlines   104 Hour Tsunami Warning Close   2012-08-10  
Hot Headlines   Boeing Demonstrates Drones That Perform Like ‘Swarm Of Insects’   2012-08-10  
Hot Headlines   Cops Strip Search Mom, 'Forcibly' Pull Tampon Out of Her for Maybe Rolling Through Stop Sign   2012-08-10  
Hot Headlines   Heavy salt deposits turns lake blood red in Southern France   2012-08-10  
Hot Headlines   Increased unrest and seismic activity reported at Iceland’s massive Askja volcano   2012-08-10  
Hot Headlines   6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Aleutian Islands region of Alaska   2012-08-10  
Hot Headlines   What happens to all that military gear?   2012-08-10  
Quote of the Day   Quotes on God. Inspirational quotes. Thoughts About God   2012-08-10  
Hot Headlines   U.S. Capitol Tour with David Barton   2012-08-10  
Scripture of the Day   Hebrews 11 KJV - Now faith is the substance of things   2012-08-10  

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