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Hot Headlines   The Colorado River, the High Plains aquifer and the entire Western half of the U.S. are rapidly drying up   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Mount Etna eruptions becoming more violent, and scientists are baffled as to why   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Tyranny Around the Corner-ANDREW NAPOLITANO--(MUST READ)   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Illinois illegally seizes Bees Resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup; Kills remaining Queens   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Rockets strike Beirut suburb as sectarian strife flares in Lebanon, Syria   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Iran begins 'massive' deployment of long-range missile launchers   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Banks’ Lobbyists Help in Drafting Financial Bills:Bank lobbyists are not leaving it to lawmakers to draft legislation that softens financial regulations. Instead, the lobbyists are helping to write it themselves.   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Major World Telescopes Are Turning To ISON   2013-05-26  
Scripture of the Day   2 Chronicles 20   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Russians are coming to Butte-Silver Bow county-MONTANA   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Exclusive: Facebook censors pictures of children rallying against GMOs during global March Against Monsanto   2013-05-26  
Scripture of the Day   2 Chronicles 20 (King James Version)   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   H7N9 bird flu and swine flu can 'combine and mutate' New strain from flu in birds and pigs could become pandemic threat, HKU researchers warn   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Father of ADHD Admitted in Final Interview That Disease Was 'Fictitious': ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   ‘Monsanto is the metaphor for genetic manipulation, food chain control’   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   I Live in Sodom and You Live in Gomorrah:Make no mistake about it, the FEMA Camps were not built for the coming hordes of illegal aliens that FEMA claims they were built for. They were built for veterans, constitutionalists, Libertarians, but most of all,   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   The New Crime of Eating While Homeless By outlawing dumpster diving, Houston is making life impossible for the most vulnerable.   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Pope Francis Nullifies Redemptive Work of Jesus Christ   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Outrage forces EU into U-turn on olive oil ban BRUSSELS bureaucrats were forced into a humiliating U-turn yesterday after public outrage at their plans to ban restaurants from serving olive oil in unlabelled jugs and bowls.   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Nasrallah pledges tens of thousands of volunteers to fight for Assad   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Obama Expands Militarization of Police Among items transfered to local law enforcement agencies have been assault rifles and grenade launchers, even Blackhawk helicopters and .50 caliber machine guns; In fiscal year 2011 alone, the Pentagon transferred   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Supernatural season 8 episode 23 finale! When the angels are falling scene! MUST WATCH-AND NOW IT BEGINS_   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Department of Homeland Security: Selling Counterfeit Goods is Now 'Terrorism'   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   South Carolina Makes Obamacare Criminal   2013-05-26  
Hot Headlines   Unrest In Europe - Hezbollah In Texas - MERS hospital cluster - English Defense League...   2013-05-26  

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