Photo of the Day 2012 - Photography by Steve Quayle

Infrared Trees Landscape - through alien eyes - infrared reversal
When Missiles Fly
Return of Greek Titans
Oregon Sunset - enjoy the sunsets now as the night comes when no man can work
Stairway to Heaven
Parrots -  politics as usual â parroting the same old lies
Oregon Coast - when life's a beach
Crop Duster - remember the old days when the crop dusters sprayed crops and not people!
Parachute - as the economies of the world crash--make sure you have a preparedness plan parachute
Barnstorming - days gone by
Fireworks - as the end time fireworks begin, keep your heads down and plans implemented ahead of time
Ominous Skies - ominous skies, ominous times - upheaval and destruction approach
Peacock - national emblem of politicians: a bunch of peacocks - colorful, but no substance
Na Pali Canyon - Kauai â the garden isle
Rainbow Falls
Roaring Seas
Outrigger Canoe
Remembering Bali Hai
Zodiac view of Na Pali Coast
Na Pali Beach - stormy day on the best beach in the world
Na Pali Coast Cliffs -  rugged beauty
Secluded Beach
Sunrise at Waikiki Beach
Sitting on the dock of the bay
Coos Bay Marina - calm before the storm
Relaxing on Rum Point
Atlantis Hotel marina â one of the most beautiful marinas in the world!
Yellowstone Park - great example of how Yellowstone Park got its name!
Mamoth Terraces - every color in creation can be seen in the terraces and geysers
Frozen Geyser Steam - winter wonderland
Midway Geyser Basin - magnificent Yellowstone!
Mamoth Hot Spring Terraces
Beartooth Mountains
Mountain Majesty
Riverside Geyser
Castle Geyser Cone - God-made clouds and not chemtrailed-poisoned sky
Paradise Valley - what a difference irrigation makes!
General Store during the gold rush
Ghost Town
Old Mine Locomotive
Fading Historical Architecture
Old Montana Barn - old Montana barns disappearing just like our freedoms
Post Apocalyptic Seascape
Ant's view of dandelion
Barns in Bozeman
Ice Crystal - crystalline beauty
Jenny Lake
Yellowstone Falls

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