I was listening to You on Hagmann and I went to bed and I heard you in a dream talking to Me personally, you were repeating the economy is going to collapse get ready Earl, Mar 25, 2015
Steve Thank You for all You Do, I have and will pray for You, I am writing about Jade Helm and I have a feeling that the economy will collapse while these troops are almost finished with their so-called training and they will know the terrain... read more
Then I heard the voice of the LORD GOD SAYING :tell them, Not TO SWEAT the Small stuff. Tell them to love, forgive, heal, have compassion & mercy for their loved ones while they are alive, because death is coming to the nation. Mar 24, 2015
Hi brother Steve. My fiance and I listen to you all the time. Thank you for allowing God to use you and challenging us the Remnant of believers in the Body of Christ to live a higher life in Christ Jesus. I would like to share a dream I had sever... read more
What The Watchman Said Mar 21, 2015
WHAT THE WATHCMAN SAID I listened to a fellow called a watchman just the other day It seemed dark and scary all the things he had to say I suffered much discomfort from listening to his words Wondering, was he speaking truth or if he was absurd.... read more
Dream of Putin and russia---I know that Russia will invade the United States and be responsible for much shedding of blood. Mar 17, 2015
Dear Steve, please feel free to use this if you like. I really enjoy what you have to say when on the radio. Please know how very much in esteem we all hold you. God bless and protect you Steve, and thank you for reaching a back-slider such as myself... read more
Prepare for the seals will all be broken and the scrolls will be unfurled- Mar 17, 2015
PREPARING FOR TOMORROW Pray for tomorrow could bring a storm Pray that tomorrow we are not lukewarm Pray for today doesn’t bring with it guarantees Today or tomorrow must be faced upon our knees. Repent for time is moving like a stream Repent... read more
I looked around back with those who thought they were going to Fema Camps, they were cutting their heads off and had big piles of heads and bodies around where no one could see them from the road. Mar 14, 2015
This is a vision i had a couple days back. i woke up this morning and was sitting in my bed while drinking my get up coke and had a very strange vision. i was inside a big tent and there were many doctors and nurses running around getting eve... read more
Surely Russia and China will come together to take this land and divide it; after it has imploded and fallen apart Mar 14, 2015
In 2005 I had a dream where I was standing on the West coast in N Cal. and was looking out to sea. All of a sudden I could see way out; like looking trough a telescope and I saw 2 WWII battleships come bow to bow. The Lord then zoomed me in on 1... read more
This dream told me they were going to just very simply LOOK LIKE a Good old boy neighbor that we should or could TRUST..... And NOT Looking at all like a 'Government Official/Military Group'! Mar 14, 2015
In my dream there were soldiers of sorts...not dressed in the regular Army or UN garb/uniforms...but you could tell that they were a Militia Type group of men AND Women. They were rushing around & shouting to each other to go to this house or...g... read more
Something big is coming and remnant Christians need to prepare get out of California now! I looked up and the chem trails were so low and thick I could almost touch them Mar 12, 2015
Hi Steve, I wanted to share what is going on in my spirit. Monday I walked my dogs in the park while praying to to Jesus for his divine direction and he responded with 5 directives, like a download. He said 1. Get ready 2. Prepare 3. Get your ho... read more
There was a hand with a quill and I heard a voice say 'Behold I have signed the articles of war.' Mar 11, 2015
Dear Steve, I had this dream this morning that made too much sense. I saw an opening in a town that was empty with a tree that had no leaves. Before me was a true parchment that was unrolled and only the bottom was curled. It had black writing... read more
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