God’s people sat under a message of searing truth yet they turned away from it. They rebelled against it! They have made their faces harder than a rock; Feb 17, 2015
I have been listening to your program a lot lately. Even though David Wilkerson has been gone nearly 4 years, his daily messages are quite often right on. So, i thought I would share with you. For from the least of them even unto the greatest of... read more
'The people are rotting from all of the poisons and drugs. It's not just illegal drugs but also prescriptions, anti-depressants, and over the counter remedies' Feb 14, 2015
The other night while praying I felt a very heavy burden for America. I could see the cities on the west coast covered with a dense fog that had a fowl smell. My gaze widened. The merky stench engulfed all of our major metropolitan areas. It w... read more
Brother Bob’s 'Mideast war' Revelation for 10 Feb 2015 AS RELATED TO AL CUPPETT Feb 11, 2015
I sent Bob an email; and got a reply. “We need to talk.” So I called him. He said, “Al, the Father showed me a strike coming against Israel; from the North (Lebanon) and the N E. (Syria).” It was a ‘blitz’, as in a heavy handed hammer attack upo... read more
Satan knows that they(THE AMERICAN PEOPLE) are entering into a scorched valley of fire and dead bones. He does not want them to take the glasses off too soon or they could change their direction Feb 11, 2015
Steve, The Lord gave me some insight with a vision today. He showed me that Satan has put on a pair of "virtual reality" glasses on the American people. He has blinded them into thinking that they are entering into a beautiful valley and that al... read more
I was horrified and outraged by what was happening. A very tall man (giant), all dressed in black leather was beheading the people in white, as they knelt at the finishing line. Feb 11, 2015
Hi Steve I have just finished listening to the H&H show from last night. I have listened to you since about 2007 when I came across and interview with you on Coast. I wanted to thank you for your faithfulness and all of your caring for peopl... read more
About CERN and the super-collider . . . I will sum that up in one word: YIKES!!!! Feb 11, 2015
Steve, the things I have seen "in the spirit", as an intercessor and also during ministry (both prayer for healing and deliverance). . . these things will blow people's minds. There are some truly "funky", nasty, demonic evil things like nothing we h... read more
This is a Spirit that you have identified that is sweeping the Christian Community! I am seeing this same thing in close community situations and families. Feb 11, 2015
Doug and Joe and Steve : This is a Spirit that you have identified that is sweeping the Christian Community! I am seeing this same thing in close community situations and families. This is Biblical of, "brother against brother", families turni... read more
I believe the wolves represent our own governmnet that will one day turn on all of the American people and turn this country into hell on earth Feb 9, 2015
Steve I have been wanting to email you in regards to a series of dreams I had in December 2013. There were three and after each one I woke up at the same time, about 3AM each night. The first dream I was with some of my close friends and we were o... read more
Steve, I wanted to first share a dream that I was given and then a firsthand confirmation I had shortly after regarding subliminals being broadcast in movies and television. I’ll begin by saying that over the last couple years or so my televisio... read more
IS LIFE SO CHEAP:We murder babies in the womb, Are mother’s now prenatal tombs? Jan 31, 2015
IS LIFE SO CHEAP? How have we come to this, is life so cheap? Are children garbage dumped in the street? Infant sex and preteen whores, Kiddy porn you can buy in stores. Who will help to save the babies From Molech and the arms of Hades? A... read more
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