The next morning, still in the dream, everyone went about their business as usual; farmers were still harvesting their crops, and cellphones still worked, but everyone seemed trapped in a fearful silence. Aug 10, 2016
Hello Steve, I write you this morning to report a dream that the Lord Jesus gave me last night. I was in an upstairs room in a two story house reading my Bible. I believe the house was located in or near Imperial, Saskatchewan, Canada. The l... read more
My shepherds have abandoned their folds and the sheep are left to be scattered to the four winds. My house is left in disarray as the shepherds pursue mammon. The city is in disarray and there is no balm in Gilead. Jul 26, 2016
(A side note - I don't know if the timing of this was significant, but I received this 360 days prior to the gay marriage decision by the Supreme Court last year.) Prophecy for America Received July 1st 2014, 6:00pm My shepherds have abando... read more
This machine - creature now had the physical capabilities for demolition. I watched as it tore a hole in the roof and entered the dwelling. I knew everyone inside that home would be dead in a matter of moments. Jul 25, 2016
Recently, I had a dream of the creature invasion. It was short and to the point. God allowed me to see this from a safe vantage point. I was watching from a place where I could see the roof tops of a quiet neighborhood. It could have been in any... read more
You shall become that in which you hated. Your allies shall become your enemies. Everything your nation stood for shall lay in waste at your feet. You resisted the calling of my prophets and the words of my witnesses Jul 24, 2016
This message was given to me in early June as I was writing down notes for a bible study that I was doing. I do not use a this says the Lord God lightly. I have only have done it one other time in my life. The Holy Spirit is pushing me to share this... read more
The two men then told me "When you see the horses start to paw at the ground and their ribs begin to show, this is only the beginning." Jun 19, 2016
On 6-15-16, I was handling the dove that had been placed in my care and noticed that his colors are changing from brown to gray, and he's gotten almost all of his feathers and had been flying in very short distances to strengthen his wings. It made m... read more
When God spoke to me He stated He was sick and tired of Luke warm Christian and was about to spew them out like vomit Jun 13, 2016
Back in December 2015 while I was praising my Lord and Savior the spirit of God spoke to me He had given me the month the date and time of the collapse. Told me not to reveal it but to warn people to get prepared The lord then told me three weeks... read more
Never has the call for repentance been so great, Never has the hour been so late. Satan and his followers have now intensified their attack, The innocent will pay if God’s people continue shrinking back. Jun 12, 2016
IS LIFE SO CHEAP?-RANDY CONWAY How have we come to this, is life so cheap? Are children garbage dumped in the street? We murder babies in the womb, Are mother’s now prenatal tombs? Infant sex and preteen whores, Kiddy porn you can buy in st... read more
The Lions represent the devil, demons, ect. Being set loose on all of humanity. (The devil walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour) The tree stand is the Lord, His protection, security, and safety.)*** Jun 9, 2016
In my dream my husband and I were walking through a wilderness area. For some reason, he was supposed to be somewhere else but had come to be with me anyway. ***(I believe this to be representation of his coming to Christ being that before he was s... read more
One dream. Two parts. Part one. Five heads of auto manufacturers are racing along in a cityscape, out on highways and interstates into to the countryside. Not a normal situation, but still recognizable. There was more going on but it seemed... read more
RANDY CONWAY-'The death of innocence is proven in that we sacrifice the innocent without remorse And that has freed the evil and has set us on our current course'. May 4, 2016
THE LOSS OF INNOCENCE I am deeply saddened by the loss of innocence in today’s society We live in a narcissistic culture that has lost all sense of propriety The love of money has hardened hearts and ruined lives And innocence is more than lost... read more
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