Dream of volcanic eruption in Ohio from Michigan Resident Jan 26, 2014
Dream of volcanic eruptionOhio In this dream I was sitting at my computer watching some type of online weather forecast. It was like watching a you tube video in full screen mode. At first I thought the live video was about HAARP. The video w... read more
The Lord gave me a picture of the 'Super Bowl' event and what may come to pass. I really wasn't sure what to make of it honestly, but so much of what is written in that letter resembles what I saw. Jan 25, 2014
Hi Steve, My wife and I were just reading with much curiosity your post about the Super Bowl 2014 false flag event letter that was sent to Before It's News and other news site. The Super Bowl has been quite a topic of conversation for us in the las... read more
You who have made His precious little ones to stumble, and the judgement that is coming upon you will be swift, righteous, and just, without repentance Jan 22, 2014
I have another word that the Lord has given to me. Would you please read it, and take it to the Lord in prayer. I trust that you will do that which He places upon your heart to do with this word. Acts 12:21-23; And upon a set day Herod, arrayed... read more
It was probably around noon or shortly after, as I drove a small white car. I saw an abnormally big Black Eagle falling from the sky, on its back Jan 22, 2014
Dream, I just awoke from: It was probably around noon or shortly after, as I drove a small white car. I saw an abnormally big Black Eagle falling from the sky, on its back! (I read they are from Asia) I slowed down to watch it. When it got n... read more
Hi Steve, I was reading the dream/vision you just posted "he said 3 times" vision, and I have to agree with what they said at the end about the word. I'm a backslidden Christian, and lately I've been reading a few chapters of the Bible a day and... read more
Cannabalism and the coming famine Jan 21, 2014
Hi Steve, In truth, I did not want to send this but the Lord has told me that I must. It concerns a dream that my 10 year old son had last weekend. It frightened him a lot. I told you before what the Lord had showed him will happen when Fukushima... read more
The human race has turned away from God, and the consequences of this rebellion are arriving...now. Jan 20, 2014
Dear Steve, I thought long and hard before sending you this e-mail. Yesterday afternoon I went for a drive. It was a beautiful, sun-drenched scene that blessed my soul. The Lord has blessed me richly. He has watched over me and p... read more
Colorado Springs-I was standing in the ruins I am understating, everything was burning or gone. the sky was blood red and overcast Jan 20, 2014
Hi Steve, Well now there is no denying it. I am writing because I just read the dreams and visions. Its January 19, 2014. In June I had a dream I was standing in the ruins of Colorado Springs, CO. I know it was CSprings because I lived there for... read more
He said, THREE times, 'those who say they are called by My name and are not are going to see the manifestation of My anger and will become offended at Me'. Jan 19, 2014
Steve, Hawk Read Rick Wiles testimony about the Amazon toddler's prophecy and just read the latest prophecy you posted from T.D. Hale. Both prophecies mentioned fire. Plus, many are having dreams/visions re fire. So I want to release this to yo... read more
Dreams and Visions from my 14 year old :HUGE, human-like creatures COVERED in dark, brownish-black fur. Jan 18, 2014
Steve, I have written to you about things happening in our little town of (REDACTED) Idaho (please omit location if you post this) over the past several months, i.e. Russian book sellers, Apache Helicopters running numerous drills over our town a... read more
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