He said, THREE times, 'those who say they are called by My name and are not are going to see the manifestation of My anger and will become offended at Me'. Jan 19, 2014
Steve, Hawk Read Rick Wiles testimony about the Amazon toddler's prophecy and just read the latest prophecy you posted from T.D. Hale. Both prophecies mentioned fire. Plus, many are having dreams/visions re fire. So I want to release this to yo... read more
Dreams and Visions from my 14 year old :HUGE, human-like creatures COVERED in dark, brownish-black fur. Jan 18, 2014
Steve, I have written to you about things happening in our little town of (REDACTED) Idaho (please omit location if you post this) over the past several months, i.e. Russian book sellers, Apache Helicopters running numerous drills over our town a... read more
There were a number of large explosions and I felt as though communications had been lost in the country and my location. Jan 18, 2014
Steve, I had a bad dream last night. After a busy day I fell asleep early and was awoken at 1am after a troubling dream. I am not going to call it anything other than what it was – a dream- even though I am a Christian. I was in a unknown apartment... read more
A picture of two parallel spiritual worlds, incompatible with each other. Clearly though, God ruled. Jan 17, 2014
Hi Steve, Have been interceding for awhile, and then I was not able to sleep as my spirit was stirred. So I was just before the Lord, and it seemed my angel was there - a tall white angel, I have been aware of his presence frequently when I have b... read more
I have had this same dream twice.My AR will now stay by my bedside next to my shotgun and pistols all locked and cocked.It was like watching a movie. Jan 16, 2014
Steve!I remember people talking about foreign troops invading us when i was an officer in the Army Infantry in the 80′s.I had a very realistic dream last night of having been invaded air assault style by foreign troops.The choppers they were deployin... read more
TESTIMONY Dear Steve, After listening to the Hagmann program last night (1/12/14), I fell asleep and what happened next I need to share with you. I had a dream that thousands of demons entered my bedroom then jumped on me while I was in bed, d... read more
During our normal Friday night worship I saw a three part vision. The first part seemed to have been in the past, the second one seemed to be in the present time but the third was either present or near future. I was in a meadow type area and saw... read more
You unwise virgins, know ye not that the Lord will come at such a time when you will not be watching and waiting Jan 12, 2014
"Babylon The Great, O' How Thou Art Fallen" The word of the Lord came unto me saying, Prophesy unto Babylon. That great and mighty city where the kings of the earth hath committed fornication, and those who claim to be my people have committed a... read more
No one ever came back out the door that they were sending people into at the end of the hall. Jan 12, 2014
My 3 year old daughter had a vision this past summer that I would be taken away by "bad men" in a truck. She also made a comment that my nephew would be sad when the "bad men" took her aunty away. Another time we were watching tv and a woman wa... read more
In the dream, my granddaughter and her two year old sister had been taken away by some mean men and put on a train that went far away and they never saw their Mommy again. Jan 11, 2014
Steve, Last month I sent you a dream that my daughter had about Christians being rounded up and sent to detention camps. Yesterday my daughter was distraught because her five year old daughter woke up crying and upset over a nightmare. In the dr... read more
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