My son said that he then snuck inside the compound and started helping people escape Dec 3, 2013
Hello Mr. Quayle, My youngest son who is 23 years old, shared a dream he had on the night of Thanksgiving. I feel his dream is similar to what others have been dreaming about. My son told me that he was on a bus sitting near the front of the bu... read more
She said she didn't remember any details but that Christians were being rounded up and herded into some sort of detention camp. Dec 2, 2013
Just wanted to let you know that the Friday morning after Thanksgiving, my daughter shared at breakfast that she had a very vivid and disturbing dream. She said she didn't remember any details but that Christians were being rounded up and herded... read more
FOURTH WITNESS TO GERMAN MILITARY INVOLVEMENT AGAINST U.S.CITIZENS; In each dream, they were being sought by, and ultimately captured by, an invading force of Germans. Nov 30, 2013
Fifty years ago (or so), when my wife was almost a teen, she had a repeating dream where she and her father were trying to make their way along a eucalyptus-lined highway, a familiar scene in central and southern California at that time. She had thi... read more
THIRD WITNESS--I understand that you Americans are upset, I would be to if I knew my Own Country was killing it's people. Nov 29, 2013
Dear Steve, Thank you for all the Information you give us and your wonderful web site! I wanted to share a Dream with you I had back in September of this year. In the Dream my Husband and myself were in a small restaurant in our Town, we were... read more
Steve, Just read the dream about Germans. I was absolutely floored. Three or four days ago, I woke to tell my wife about this dream. I was working in a school type cafeteria as a prisoner surrounded by Germans. I saw their black/grey uniforms i... read more
Wait, I know that the Russians and Chinese will be involved in these operations, what are the Germans doing here? Nov 29, 2013
Steve, I had a dream a little over a week ago that was...odd. I don't understand it entirely, and was going to keep it to myself. However, when you posted an article about a German policeman killing and eating another man, I was prompted to wri... read more
Dear Steve, You published my 11 year olds son dream about the middle School being gassed. Well, keeping in mind that when I pray and teach him about The bible and saving grace of God, I do not tell him ANYTHING scary! He woke up this morning say... read more
“Lord, I see demons gathered too, they are princes. Each is standing behind each one of these men. Nov 26, 2013
Hey steve, In light of the US naming Iran as the 7th world power. AND the recent naming of the freedom tower recently being named as the tallest building in the US. I thought I would share part of a dream given to a sister in Christ over a year a... read more
You don't fight by running you pray with utter dedication and spirit, only then you know when, where and how to run, hide and fight "the tiger" Nov 25, 2013
Hi Steve, about 3 months ago I had a dream. I was in amazonian village watching how villagers were preparing themselves for "the tiger attack"(it was some periodically occurring event) They were running back and forth, screaming and shaking they... read more
THEY are testing just HOW cowardly the sheeple will be with small acclimating tests like this across America !!!! THIS IS THE REAL REAL THING FOLKS !! Shut the stupid game off and warn everyone you can fast !!!! Nov 20, 2013
About a year ago I had a dream from The Lord about roadside check points. It was very vivid as the rare dreams from Him are. You remember them well ... unlike normal dreams. I walked out of a Barnes & Noble and noticed about 10 or more "private contr... read more
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