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Hot Headlines   Islamic convert, 40, facing terrorism charges after he mows down 13 people in his car while shouting 'God is greatest' in Arabic in French city of Dijon   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   James Woods calls Al Sharpton a 'race pimp' and says the 'disgusting pig' is responsible for NYPD cop murders :Rev. Al Sharpton, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and President Obama (blamed) for being ‘responsible’ for the murder of two NYPD officers on Saturday.   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   Calgary photographer captures apparent fireball over Mount Rundle   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   Ezekiel’s Fire in a Nutshell : It will be the worst catastrophe in human history – up to that point. A billion people – or more – will probably die. And, they will die in the worst way possible, through violence, thirst, starvation and disease   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   Pictorial Essay: 26 VERY RARE and STUNNING AMERICAN CARS   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   Time: Right-Wing Militias Are The Real Threat To Cops:TALK ABOUT A MOUTH PIECE OF THE GLOBALISTS WITH A 'PATHOGENIC BIAS'-A thorough search of Time’s archive produced no stories about the threat that communists, black nationalists or prison gangs pose   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   Author's journey inside ISIS: They're 'more dangerous than people realize'   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   Police are told to wear bulletproof vests and not to make arrests 'unless absolutely necessary' as they are put on alert across the U.S. after NYPD murders   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   'We are brothers,' says ISRAELI Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he applauds Christian IDF soldiers :Israel will never cease to defend Christians against the forces that seek to harm and destroy them.   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   Why do we believe, when the government lies to us so often? When we change, the government also will change.   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   It’s WAR On The Streets Of America :Something has fundamentally shifted in this country. I fear that this is only just the beginning of the war on the streets of America.   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   Multiple Sources Indicate North Korea Will Attack the American Power Grid: (1) the generation of an EMP attack upon our power grid; and, (2) an attack upon selected nuclear power plants, thus causing multiple Fukushima’s at the same time.   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   1974 New York Times : Global Cooling Induced Climate Change To Kill Us All   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   What Parents Need To Know About Monsanto: “By 2025 One In Two Children Will Be Autistic”   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   How the CIA Launched the «Financial Pearl Harbor» Attacks on Russia and Venezuela   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   Chemtrails: Autism Increase Linked to High Particulate Air P Lab analysis collected from many sources over the past decade confirm these aerosols regularly contain nano-particulates of the heavy metals, Aluminum, Barium, Strontium and other contaminants   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   The Time Draws Near - Review Of 2014 End Times Signs   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   ISIS reportedly selling Christian artifacts, turning churches into torture chambers :'ISIS has a stated goal to wipe out Christianity,'This why they are crucifying Christians -- including children -- destroying churches and selling artifacts.   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   The Shinar Directive - Part 4 Mystery Religion And The Nephilim   2014-12-22  
Hot Headlines   Yes, Russia To Unleash Black Swans Against West But Here Is The Scary Part   2014-12-21  
Video of the Day   CHURCH!! "Time To Wake Up"!! [Wilkerson,Daniels,Ravenhill,Cymbala,Colan]   2014-12-21  
Hot Headlines   Helter Skelter amid a perfect storm The end game objective is quite simple. It is the takedown of the United States from within, using multiple avenues of destruction, for the purpose of creating a system of global governance.   2014-12-21  
Hot Headlines   AMERICANS STAND UP TO MARTIAL LAW TAKEOVER PLAN Historic protest calls out police militarization   2014-12-21  
Hot Headlines   Central Banks Secretly Controlling all Futures Prices-Chris Powell :That means our market economy has been destroyed. It really means our democracy has been destroyed because they don’t tell us what they are doing.   2014-12-21  
Hot Headlines   High School: Islamic vocabulary lesson part of Common Core standards:Parents in Farmville, North Carolina want to know why their children were given a Common Core vocabulary assignment in an English class that promoted the Prophet Muhammad and the Islamic   2014-12-21  

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