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Hot Headlines   Can You Handle the Ugly Truth? : much of what we see in our daily lives is nothing more than a fraudulent mirage. Our way of life and standard of living depends entirely on this mirage and collective madness to continue   2015-11-29  
Hot Headlines   Place a Moratorium on all Refugee Resettlement from the Middle East in the Wake of the Paris Terror Attacks: EITHER PEOPLE DON’T CARE OR THEY FEEL IT’S TOO LATE-WHAT A PATHETIC TURNOUT ON THIS PETITION   2015-11-29  
Hot Headlines   Top biologists debate ban on gene-editing Washington biology summit to consider ban on controversial technology   2015-11-29  
Hot Headlines   PLANNED PARENTHOOD SHOOTING AGENDA ALREADY SET IN STONE How dare anyone criticize abortion   2015-11-29  
Hot Headlines   All Glory is Fleeting – The Demise of the Warrior Ethos: The military has become so politicized and so pandering to ridiculous agendas, that they’ve destroyed themselves.   2015-11-29  
Hot Headlines   Barack Hussein is planning to send 250,000 Muslim refugees to the Navajo reservations of AZ and ND. Moronic!!:THE SUPERNATURAL AND DEMONIC ROOTS OF THIS WELCOMED INVASION, ARE GOIG TO PRODUCE AN UNIMAGINABLE SLAUGHTER   2015-11-29  
Hot Headlines   Russians Move Military Weapon Called 'The Monster' Into Place; US Worried   2015-11-29  
Hot Headlines   VA spends millions promoting Obamacare, little cutting wait times   2015-11-29  
Hot Headlines   Following the Paris terrorist attacks, Germans suddenly began stocking up on weapons possibly in an attempt to protect themselves, the German newspaper Die Welt reported.   2015-11-28  
Video of the Day   Korean TV Commercial shows Lucifer coming to earth   2015-11-28  
Hot Headlines   EMERGENCY ALERT: WWIII? : From the elite scrambling away to armored redoubts, to the sabre rattling of Ergodan the unhinged Turkish P.M. we are hurtling towards the precipice of full scale war.   2015-11-28  
Hot Headlines   14,000 Potential Terrorists Go Missing As Reports Come In US Veterans Are Being Disarmed - Map Shows Islamic Terrorist Network In America   2015-11-28  
Hot Headlines   ALERT: Gold War Heating Up As Western Central Banks Move To Destroy Currencies   2015-11-28  
Hot Headlines   ‘P. PARENTHOOD SHOOTER’ LABELED ‘WHITE CHRISTIAN TERRORIST’ BEFORE A SHRED OF EVIDENCE IS RELEASED Nothing is known about him other than he hails from North Carolina:PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WAR ON CHRISTIANS   2015-11-28  
Hot Headlines   Armed citizens protesting Islam at an Irving, Texas mosque have taken their activism to a new level, publishing the names and contact of pro-Islam supporters   2015-11-28  
Hot Headlines   Poland: No Invaders, No EU Flag:The new Polish government has refused to accept any nonwhite invaders at all, as demanded by the European Union’s 'quota dispersal' rule—and has also taken down all EU flags at its press conferences   2015-11-28  
Hot Headlines   GERMAN POLICE CHIEF: ISIS HIDING AMONG REFUGEES ENTERING EUROPE German special forces arrest two following raid on Islamic cultural center   2015-11-28  
Hot Headlines   China Begins Military Colonization Of Africa With First Ever Overseas Army Base At Key Oil Chokepoint   2015-11-28  
Hot Headlines   ISRAELI COLONEL CAUGHT WITH IS PANTS DOWN IDF and Mossad just got caught with their hands in a very dirty cookie jar in Syria   2015-11-28  
Hot Headlines   ISRAELI COLONEL CAUGHT WITH IS PANTS DOWN IDF and Mossad just got caught with their hands in a very dirty cookie jar in Syria   2015-11-28  
Hot Headlines   Mark Dice Confronts America's Zombie Shoppers   2015-11-28  
Hot Headlines   Obama Gives $500 Million More To Arm And Train 'Syrian Rebels' - What Could You Do With Just One Million Dollars?   2015-11-28  
Hot Headlines   What Happens When All Hell Breaks Loose? :Two missile launches by a rogue state , which detonate 100 miles above the mid-continent United States would lead to a catastrophic blackout of the nation’s power grid.   2015-11-28  
Hot Headlines   NATO May Be On The Way To Breaking Up As The Whole Thing Falls Apart - Insider Warns Russia Has New Technology That's Left The US Terrified While NATO's Left 'Shaking In Their Boots'   2015-11-28  

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