FEMA CAMPS ,EXECUTION OF CHRISTIANS-COWARDICE Scene#1-------I went to bed as usual that night.....It is now April 12,2013 and I had this series of dreams back in the middle of March..........I was waiting on the Lord to tell me when to release this....The time is now............. In this scene I was going along a woodsy trail of sone kind and I felt I was walking rather fast and I was scanning the area ahead of me and suddenly off to ny left I heard some voices and some crying...I went to go over and see if I could help,but it was like no one knew I was there, I realized that it was like I was looking from outside in and there was a couple tents set up and looked like a small camp and there was an older couple and also a young family with children and you could tell they were crying and just upset...All the time they wre doing something,they would look around like they were looking for someone..Off to the side I saw an angel and I knewthat this was like watching a movie,it had seemed to be pretty quiet as no one had said much and then I heard big and loud voices come from out of nowhere...They came running up to the camp with rifles aimed and before any one could run,one of the miliitary said ,get down on the ground,NOW

Apr 17, 2013

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