The Tribulation Dream/Vision

I went to bed as usual that night.....It is now April 12, 2013 and I had this series of dreams back in the middle of March..........I was waiting on the Lord to tell me when to release this....The time is now............. In this scene I was going along a woodsy trail of sone kind and I felt I was walking rather fast and I was scanning the area ahead of me and suddenly off to ny left I heard some voices and some crying...I went to go over and see if I could help, but it was like no one knew I was there, I realized that it was like I was looking from outside in and there was a couple tents set up and looked like a small camp and there was an older couple and also a young family with children and you could tell they were crying and just upset...All the time they wre doing something, they would look around like they were looking for someone..Off to the side I saw an angel and I knewthat this was like watching a movie, it had seemed to be pretty quiet as no one had said much and then I heard big and loud voices come from out of nowhere...They came running up to the camp with rifles aimed and before any one could run, one of the miliitary said , get down on the ground, NOW NOW I said, , , , , Then I saw little kids start to cry and two of this military went up to this old couple and told them to get down on the ground and they did but being old it was hard for them, so one of the police kicked them as handcuffs were put on them...The other famil yjust laid there and they had handcuffs put on them, , The one person finally asked why they were being handcuffed and where were they being taken The police guy just laughed heavily and said you'll see why, you are being taken in , you are a threat to us with you so called christiandom.........I saw them pull them up off the ground and a big military type RV pulled up and they were being taken to that RV and then i was in my own bed and awake..

As I fell back to sleep this is like a continuation and the same angel is looking over to one side, then looks at me and points..As I looked over I saw I was in a large or medium size town , it was empty and I did not see any activity..It was TOO quiet....I didn't see a name of a town or city soI don't really know where I am although it is a pretty good size.I start down the walk, I think I am somewhere in the middle of town or something and as I look around there doesn't seem to be much going on....I look in some store windows, but I didn't see any activity, , The doors are locked and some of the windows have heavy metal bars across them...As I walk further down, I see some stores with smashed out windows and all kind of stuff laying on the ground like the place had been looted...It was kind of like it had been abandoned in a hurry .. I continued walking and looking and I heard the drone of a helicopter or plane and I looked up and I could tell it was a military helicopter and I was trying to run even though I had forgotten that they couldn't know that I was there...They must have come back to check it all out again......and then I was in my bed again....

Scene#3 This was like a continuation and the same angel is looking over to one side, then looks at me and points...This time I was up in the air alongside this angel and as we sped through the night, it seemed we were viewing whole parts of the world, particularly America....The angel pointed out certain things and as I looked and we got closer I saw buildings with big wood pieces nailed across doors and windows, .....If you looked up there had been a bell at the top at some point and there were still some stined glass windows, but some had been smashed. I knew these had been churches.Many had forclosure signs on them, some even had been up for sale...There were some signs laying on the ground and some of them had blasphemys and vulgar talk against the church and against God...But contining on, It seemed we were somewhere else, it seemed to be colder, maybe some of the northern I looked I saw a BIG military base or maybe one of the FENA camaps, I know it was out in nowhere land as far as I could tell, there were just fields and I felt myself wanting to run, but I was mesmerized as I watched the activity going on..People were in chains, I mean hands and feet and chained to other chains in a line walking one by one...Each one was being asked to renounce their faith in God and when the person didn't give the right answer, he or she was led of fsomewhere else and a little later you could hear crying and screams....I listened to some of them and they seemed so bewildered, they couldn't understand why they were here and why that they weren't gone like they had heard of....Apparently the rapture didn't take place yet and they had so thought they would never see, let alone themselves have to suffer. This is America I heard one say...Yes and we have always been blessed and had freedom........What went wrong?

The final one...I was back in my bed and had alot to consider.and I fell back to sleep and there again was the angel...I wa taken to Washington DC and there was people all around a table and the letters NWO (New World Order).There was a list on the table with peoples names and they were checking them off.I saw where food stamps were marked off, they wre not in existence anymore, it was a BIG beauracratic place run by those put into power to enforce the NWO and finally the chip was mandantory and the executive order was being given out and I saw that this mark would represent the antichrist.....You could not see the mark when it was put on anyone.....Therefore you would not necessarily know who had the mark and who did not....These people also were talking like they had different way that a person received the mark, knowing by either on the right hand or forehead, but never the less, it seemed a weapon possibly a rifle could discharge this mark and it would go right on the forehead or hand and be absorbed into the skin......I also heard them say that all christians that would not recant teir faith would be captured and put to death.......and that was the end.

I have asked the Lord to clarify some things and what mesage He wants to get out to everyone... I am in the writing of the interpretation of this dream...With all this being said, Pray, Watch and be Ready....Pray that you are found worthy to escape the things that are coming upon this earth.

Thank you Steve for letting me post to get God's warning out.......I have had many dreams and visions and warning about nations and America....I have also personally had an encounter with Jesus and by translation of spirit was taken to Hell.I bring back a heavy, heavy warning.....

Please feel free to get my book, , it is out called "Redemmed from Hell" God bless ........

Apr 17, 2013

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