The place I had the vision is called Hanging Rock State Park which is near
where I live in North Carolina. The whole vision was in two parts, coming
one after the other in a flash of time. I felt dizzy, and unsteady on my
feet after it was over and I could not go on until I sat down for a while.

The vision took place at that park where I was; we, my wife and I, were on
a day outing. We were hiking around the small man-made lake, and when we
were quite close to where the dam is, I saw in my vision, a long line of
cars and other vehicles coming up the winding road into the park. It was
stopped where several park rangers who were armed with pistols were barring
the way. Some of the vehicles had run out of fuel, and were being pushed
into the side of the road. Some people pleaded with the rangers to let
them pass so they could get water from the lake. Then it was made known to
me this was because all power had been shut off in the region of mostly
dirt poor people; municipal water supplies also cut off. Those who had
wells of course could not run the pumps w/o electricity, so they were
flocking to the park where they knew there was a lake. The reactions of
the rangers is important to say. At first, they were behaving all
official-like, saying their orders were that the park was closed
indefinitely to all visitors. But the people reminded them, This park
belongs to us; we have women, children here, and are you going to follow
stupid orders from those who don't care while people are dying of thirst?
At last, the rangers relented, but they would only allow a few at a time-
with only ONE container, to draw water from the lake.

In the second part, I was being shown an aerial view of the parking lot and
this is close by the picnic and camping areas. It was at night time, but
there were hundreds of people here; you could see fires burning, and I
noticed that the tables had been converted to shelters with tarps. People
were sheltering there with all their meager possessions and trying to cook,
meanwhile, in the parking lot, a large motorcycle gang had arrived, was
taking slaves, and whatever else they wanted. They had guns too, but the
poor people did not (OR IF THEY DID, KEPT THEM HIDDEN), and so the bikers
could do whatever they wanted. When they were done terrorizing them (and
that wasn't the first or the last time) they roared away, whooping and
shouting like victors.

There were two things that were impressed upon me: firstly, this state of
affairs descended upon the people so rapidly that the prepared and
unprepared alike were completely taken by surprise, and all will suffer
greatly, even to death. Secondly, that despite their common predicament,
they will still refuse to work together, even though, as we saw that night,
the people gathered vastly outnumbered the biker gang, but they were so
timid they let viciousness rule the day, with the terrible and
heartbreaking results. What will it take to re-awaken the manliness in
men? Where is their courage?

I am sharing this with you freely, but I realize it's your choice as to
what you'll do with it.

Apr 18, 2013

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