Todays earthquakes reminded me of a vision that God had shown me during
prayer about three weeks ago. The Holy Spirit continues to remind me to
write down what is shown.
God spoke to me these words, American Idol. Then God showed the following
picture of the statue of liberty holding up it torch, proudly. As I looked
closer, I saw a fleet of old slave ships encamped at the bay circling the
The ships were different sizes and had ores that were powered by slaves of
all races of people. At the front of each slave ship was an idol, figure
head, at the bow. There were various idols- some were dragons, women, ,
snakes and other idols. The ships were all grouped together by its own
kind. I could hear the drums beating on each ship. The slaves on the ships
were rowing in one accord to the beat of the drum. The slave ships had no
destination or specific place to go, so the only purpose of the slaves was
to row to the beat of the drum. Behind the drums were principalities, and
dominant spirits.
In conclusion, God had showed me that America is full of compromise and
that America is full of idols. The show, American Idol, is a
self-fulfillment of prophecy that has been spoken over our country. Then I
saw the statue of libertys uplifted arm started to crumble, and the torch
was stripped away from America.

End of vision

Apr 19, 2013

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