The other night while trying to get some useful and needed sleep, I found
myself in a dream. In the dream I was on a highway. On one side of the
highway was myself and other people, while on the other were black,
army-like helicopters. Out of the helicopters repelled army soilders, while
behind the controls were officers with very shiny, bright sunglasses. The
officers noticed I was watching them and were very angry. They instructed
me to stop and go back to what I was doing---very upset I even noticed
them. I saw a soilder whom I knew. He told me not to worry that the army
excercises were not meant for the public but for something elese---I didn't
even ask the question to him. But, the grunt soilders looked at me and
pulled me aside and told me that the excercises were meant for controlling

The dream continued and I found myself on the cusp of a flat map of the
Pacific Ocean. I heard and saw a News broadcast report that a 6-point
earthquake had just struck the ring of fire and that the public should not
presume the area was done but only beginning its tauntrums. I then saw a
major earthquake strike Japan. I then was looking at the skyline of
Seattle, Washington. A very large earthquake struck and I saw its
skyscrapers fall apart. The last city I saw appeared like on a poster that
had the title Los Angeles. It was a night scene of the city of angels but
below it read in big black numbers 9.1!

The dream then ended.

Apr 26, 2013

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