My friend related to me a dream he had last night.

He saw Homeland Security authorities and a sheriff in front of a beautiful home in the suburbs. Also seen was this family of five loading up their suitcases into a Homeland Security white van which was preparing to be sent off into a FEMA work camp. The father had lost his job at General Motors, for the company had been relocated to China. He was no longer able to pay the mortgage on their home, so they were now forced to vacate. Their two sons who were going to college had to quit as the father could no longer pay for their tuition. The entire family got into the van after they had loaded up.
As they were leaving, they saw a Chinese family arriving at the home that they had just vacated. The father inserted a key into the lock, opened the door, and they proceeded to move in.
My friend explained why this in reality is now taking place. Former President George Bush had made a trade agreement with China and other third world countries, and the United States could no longer compete in the manufacturing sector, so the American people lost their jobs and were unable to pay their mortages.

The American government in the meantime borrowed money from China to pay their government debts and what was owing to the banks. So the people's homes were taken in collateral by the Chnese government for those loans. Now no doubt the Chinese are making themselves ready to move into many thousands of vacated Americans homes.

Jul 25, 2013

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