Dear Steve,
Sunday night I had a dream that was very, very disturbing. You always pray that believers will have dreams and get guidance from them, and I think the question I had been asking the Lord was answered--the question was, should I stay here and hunker down, or go somewhere else? Years ago I had some dreams that came true, just the way I dreamed them. The dreams that are in widescreen technicolor are always the ones that happen, and this one was that way, almost like watching a movie, but participating at the same time. I was also very aware during the dream, of all the things I have learned from you, the Hagmanns, Hawk, and all the other watchmen.
The dream took place where I live, on a large ranch where I live in a small cabin in southwest Colorado. There are 2 other houses, one occupied by 2 other tenants, and one about a quarter mile away where the landlord lives. My friend was visiting me early in the morning and we were going to do some gardening chores together, when we heard a lot of motor vehicles coming down the dirt road from town that ends at this ranch. We went to look, and saw the road totally filled as far as we could see with limousines, suv's, dump trucks, 18 wheelers, and caterpillar tractors. They all turned in through our gate and more just kept pouring in, as they filled all the driveway length and then started going up toward the landlords house. When the road got too narrow, a caterpillar would move out and doze out portions of the hill by the road to make it wider for all the vehicles to get through.

About 150 people or more got out of the limousines and suv's and started setting up tables in the meadow out front of my cabin and the house. They threw down large rolls of blueprints and were all walking around with headsets, phones, and tablet computers, all talking at once and very busy. They weren't dressed for outside work-all in business suits, etc. I felt like I was in an ant hill. I ran out to the people and kept asking over and over what was going on, and what they were doing there. They totally ignored me and just pushed me aside without answering. I went back to my cabin, and people were inside throwing all my things out the door into the meadow. I called for my pets and they were gone!! I asked where my pets were, and again, was ignored and pushed aside. I couldn't find my dogs or cats anywhere-they had disappeared or most likely killed. I was so angry and upset, but couldn't get anyone to pay attention. We wanted to get in our cars and
leave, but they were blocked in by all the other vehicles.

My friend and I decided to walk down the road to another house about a half mile away and see if they knew what was going on. We couldn't walk on the road because more vehicles were coming, a long line of them, and the road is very narrow, so we walked through the trees and fields. We got to the farmhouse and found most all of the neighbors there, apparently having a meeting to figure out what to do.

I asked them what was going on, even though I had a pretty good idea by then. One of them asked--didn't you hear abourt "R" (my
landlord and owner of the ranch)--they put a gun to his head last night and forced him to sign over his whole ranch to them. They didn't give him a penny even though it's been paid off for years. He was shoved out the door with the clothes on his back, and they kept all of his tractors and equipment too! They are trying to take all the land, especially along this road that has good water!
Suddenly I knew that the reason none of the people would talk to me-they were foreigners and didn't speak English, and they were here just taking anything they wanted, thanks to our governments betrayal of the American people.

Then I woke up, and prayed, asking for the Lord to reveal where I need to go, if this place is going to be overrun. I live alone, with my pets so I hope the answer comes soon, because I knew in the dream that the time is very short now, and our options are getting more limited by the day. I have had many dreams, but I think this was the most disturbing, and yet I know it will get so much worse than I can even imagine. May the Lord shelter us all beneath His Wings.

God bless you and protect you Steve. You and all the watchmen are in my prayers daily, I was back slidden, but you got me back where I need to be, and now, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Aug 6, 2013

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