Hello Steve

I had this first dream weeks before their was any talk of Syria or Lindsey Graham's comments. I recently received several dreams that up until recently did not show much relevance.

Dream 1
About a month ago I had a dream where I was overlooking what I knew in my spirit was Washington, DC, from a road going up a large hill in the area. I must have been several miles out because the city looked very flat from where I was. I then saw an explosion and a flash, I knew what it was immediately. It was definitely a nuclear explosion, I saw the mushroom cloud. Seconds after the explosion I saw what looked like a blackhawk or some type of look-alike transport helicopter rise up out of the city and fly away from the location of the explosion.

Dream 2
Frantic Family escaping in their cars in a caravan traveling on very remote rural roads.

Dream 3
Location Christchurch, VA
This is one I had this past Monday I had a dream I was in what was a very large bunker under a medium sized rural farmhouse. I couldnt tell if it was civilian or military. Everyone kept saying how glad they were that they were safe in "Christchurch,Virginia". This dream at first I didnt suspect an actual location, I believed the significance to mean being safe in Christ's Church, tonight out of curiosity I decided what the heck, why not see if the place is real. I was NOT expecting to be able to go on google maps and find a real location. The even more unexpected was how close this place is to the DC area. From what the map looked like it was about 80-100 miles away from DC.

Steve I hope this does not happen, but in the event it does I want to get this out to save as many people as possible. I have been praying constantly for the Lord to give me some idea of the events to come and I believe he has answered me. My brother and I have seen events much like you have in dreams and visions, unfortunately most of the time I have no way of validating location. This time is different because they were told to me several times in the dream.

Sep 12, 2013

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