So try to keep this a short and to the point as possible around a month ago
I was reading your dreams and visions and came a cross a dream that a
younger man had had about a war here in the United States and he mentioned
is was like the movie BLACK DAWN that caught my attention right away. A
couple of months prior to this I had a dream of war here in the united
states not sure where it was happening but it was summer/spring it was a
clear and warm day I was standing out in a garage looking towards some
mountains in the distance when I saw what looked like a black cloud coming
over the hills it was moving fast, and as it started to get closer I noticed
that they appeared to be fighter jets and black hawk/war helicopters
thousands of them and they were fighting. Pretty soon before I knew it they
were directly over my head, helicopters and planes were dropping like flys
all around me being blown out the sky also I could see pilots ejecting
from their jets and floating down on their parachutes. I was terrified
watching all this and all the sudden a helicopter or jet came flying over
the home I was in and shot 50 cal rounds all through the home. I jumped for
cover in the garage and started yelling for my wife and daughter,then all of a
sudden scenes changed I was in the back of a truck, with I believe my
wife driving running from some one going very fast following a line of
people in vehicles in front of us going through some town not sure where
but all the buildings were on fire and blown up. Cars were every where, and chaos all
around and I remember looking up at the stars and they all started to go
very fast in a circular motion seeming to all suck into each other very
tightly and then a huge I mean huge explosion happened from the stars a
deafening sound and all the stars came falling to earth very quickly. I also
noticed that the moon didn't shine anymore it was very dark and all of a
sudden our truck had stopped and I looked in front of me and there was 6 or
7 huge men almost giants very muscular standing in our way with what
seemed to be Egyptian tattoos all over them with swords ready to kill me
and my family. I then jumped out the truck and ran towards them that's when
I woke up. I have never had a dream that I have remembered so clearly its
obviously a warning from Almighty God of what is the come upon our land since
this nation is full of wickedness and blinded by the evils of this world .

Sep 17, 2013

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