Early in the morning yesterday I had the most vivid dream. I was at my home in Littleton Colorado and not at my
farm/shelter on the western slope of Colorado. I was out in my yard tending to the garden. I looked to the south and saw a bright
light, then the mushroom cloud. I knew exactly what it was. I also knew that the explosion was in Colorado Springs. I was saying to myself, this has to be a dream wake up! I couldn't. I went to the door
and woke my wife up who was sleeping on the couch and told her to call our daughter at school and tell her to get home now we have to leave. I was moving to call my Son also.
At that point of the dream everything started to look like a dream and was not as real life vivid. I then was able to wake up.
Steve, I have never had a dream in color and so perfectly seen as that dream. I remember the emotions I was feeling in those first few seconds of seeing the detonation.
I have read for many years on your site the dreams and visions that other people have had. I always questioned my self and thought that my walk with God
must not be what it needs to be because he was not using me in the same way. Last night I think he did. I have asked God for wisdom and guidance in all I do. I have grown
closer to God recently as I have turned from some sins and repented. I just wish it was a more pleasant dream. I am now on alert. All vehicles will remain full of fuel, and ready to bug out.
I know this dream happened in the beginning of summer, May? I know this because of the way the sun was shining and just the way the hot weather was. Plus my daughter was still in school. To happen next year? summer? May?
Will be getting the last preps done ASAP. I am hoping to move to my shelter permanently ASAP. Steve this brief dream has shaken me to the core. I have never felt so helpless. You know me and know that I have
prepared. I felt so unprepared at that moment. Please tell our brothers and sisters to make haste. they must not put off any preps any longer. One more time Steve, This dream was VIVID. It was like in real time.
Please all, do what you need to do to get your families prepared. Sorry for my incoherent rambling. Really hard for me to put this in to a smoothly flowing letter.

May God have Mercy on us all and his Remnant.
Brian in Colorado.

Sep 19, 2013

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