American /Canadian woman loaded as slave: vision:SOLD TO MIDDLE EAST SLAVE MASTERS

God showed me a video clip this morning.
The Clip started with a Male news casters voice saying 'Afghanistan has another Export”
And then I saw this scene. passing in front of me.

It was a beautiful cloudless day about 70+ degrees, I was standing next to two Arab men dressed in light off white/ lemon colored arab attire. And there was one on my right I couldn't see. The men to my left were older and very wealthy/powerful. Directly in front of us maybe 12 feet away walked a row of slaves in chains. Chrome chained handcuffed with chrome chain between them about 4 feet apart in a row. The first two were from the middle east in clothes the same in color as the men I was standing with. They had their heads covered, but no chador across their faces the fourth one I saw in line was the same but the third was a young American/Canadian looking girl in her twenties.

They were being marched into a low set Box truck that was brushed aluminum finish, like an airstream trailer, with a little white paint on the sides that was wearing off. The American girl was dressed in Military fatigues, She had her pants leg inside of her boots, they were the desert color military boots. She had on a White T shirt, and nothing covered her head. To me she looked Like Jennifer Gray from the movie dirty dancing... only a little taller and fitter. She had disheveled soft brown hair that hung above her Jaw line. I noted her skin on the side of her face and arms was pure... unblemished and soft white, like she had just come from a northern climate, no sunburn yet. As they walked in front of us I noticed the “northern” girl had a strength to her walk as she stepped forward, Her core down showed a strength to her “march”, she had on a camo pattern fatigue pant... I didn't totally recognise it. The pattern was like the older woodland camo but without the black or tan, just larger areas of lighter and darker green that looked Lightened or faded (subdued), but they were in a current material. God showed me a quick under pick of the Truck left side, I noticed the ground was “Hard Pack” it was an off yellow and dirty white... but it wasn't sand perse. The Truck had duallies that were “clean” almost new, the tires had a radial mud and snow pattern... in this desert place? And I asked God what this meant. The Rear end was very heavy duty, like off a wheat truck.... Here's what I got.
( about Now I hear the Most disturbing part of the dream, and I turn to my left and it is like I'm looking into a News studio... The man who had spoken was well dressed Anchor maybe 60 yrs. Plus, Next to him was a female anchor in deep blue satin dress with Dark hair in a midwest Long hair on sides short fringe cut.. and she said in a crying voice “ It breaks my heart.” It made me think this “news room” was in the Heartland of America. The Female anchors brokenness came through in her voice!
Back to the Desert scene:
The “vehicle” was intended to look used, like it had been repurposed for this... it wasn't!
This “vehicle” had been built for this purpose and well maintained... this was a long term plan.
Then the Lord revealed to me the men I was standing next to were buyers, inspecting the goods they had paid for.
The thing about the slaves I noticed is that they had no black, they had open faces... I asked the Lord, and felt they were christians and non-muslims. The young northern girl walking in front of me I noticed had a strength/ defiance.. and the thought in my head was “she hasn't been brutalized yet”... She had no idea of the evil that lay ahead! While praying about this I received the revelation the “Slaves” represented countries. The first two those already fallen to the Muslim Brotherhood, The next the USA, the fourth another Mid East country.... How could this be?
Then I felt: Sold OUT! Arab spring, Our US troops sent to the Mid East... and sold out! Their logistics, support & supply cut! Given by Obama as prisoners to his Saudi OverLords. This was Sunday a.m. Something about the “Woman” representing Feminist sin of Hillary, Feinstein, etc...

Sep 24, 2013

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