Hi Steve, Don't know if you received my short email in August regarding a
vision I had about Chinese military in Hawaii. This was two weeks before
learning about military drills being held by Japanese, Chinese and Russian
military in our country. There was no reason in my conscience to be
concerned about anything like this.

On Saturday, July 13th I was walking back from my chiropractors office. I
was getting ready to fly to my parents house in Oregon and needed to get a
back adjustment before my trip. I live in Kaneohe, Hawaii on the island of

My chiropractors office is within walking distance of my house and I have
to walk through an elementary school grounds to and from his office. As I
was returning home I walked up the hill of the school grounds approaching
the main street to my house.

As I approached the street I immediately had a vision. I had the feeling
of concern that I didn't have my ID with me and needed it in order to get
home. In my mind I was preparing myself for an explanation to the guards
because up and down the main street, which leads to the side street my
house is on, there were Chinese military soldiers at the entrance of every
side street. I knew I needed to check in with them before being allowed to
get home.

I had the feeling that most people seemed to stay in their homes and were
afraid to leave. But I had a feeling of independence in the Lord and was
not concerned with the presence of the Chinese as I led my life as I
pleased, or rather, as the Lord led me. I had a feeling of refusal to give
in to fear.

It was a split second for this vision but I had stopped walking long enough
to see this event. No one in Hawaii will be prepared. They will attempt to
rise up but will be pushed down

Oct 23, 2013

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