About a year ago I "knew" the Chinese would take over these islands and that we would be under horrendous tyranny with no mercy for born again Christians

Aloha Steve,
I'm a little shook up right now as I've just read your Q Alert re: Chinese
to take over Hawaiian Islands. It's a confirmation for me. Steve, I do not
get visions from the Lord, but I do get....well I guess the best way to
describe it is, "I know, cause I know", a deep down certainty that I'm sure
of something I become aware of without knowing how I "know". I usually only
share these with a very close friend, only to learn some time later that
what I "knew" has come true. These "knowledges" usually make me feel
actually physically ill. They are "gut wrenching".
About a year ago I "knew" the Chinese would take over these islands and
that we would be under horrendous tyranny with no mercy for born again
Christians, the old, etc. (both of which I am) I had then (and still do)
decided I would not leave my home when ordered out to go to a FEMA camp. I
am NOT going to change my mind in any way shape or form about Jesus and be
under mind altering "education", "chip" or torture. They can finish it
right in my home and be done with it! This lady who posted the alert is
soooo right. The people here are NOT prepared for anything like this coming
to Hawaii.

You do not see the police in militarized gear or in militarized vehicles.
They do not act like bullies as on the mainland. Yes, there is a FEMA camp
on Oahu, but not, as far as I'm aware, on any of the other islands.
Anything being done for the "takeover" is not as blatant as on the
mainland. After I received this knowledge re: the Chinese, I realized why
the "powers that be" don't seem to be that concerned with Hawaii. We will
be under the control of another nation, "They" could care less about all
the prepping, etc. they are doing on the mainland for here in Hawaii. Oh
yes, there certainly will be an uprising here, I cannot for an instant see
the local population putting up with such a takeover without rising up.
(for all the good it will do) Hence, the severity of the Chinese military.
(who have no mercy to begin with) God help us all here. The Chinese will be
delighted to own Hawaii as it is a very strategic area. Many countries
wanted and tried to obtain Hawaii, including Russia, (there is an old
Russian fort here) but the USA managed the takeover in the late 1880's,
illegally, I might add. But that is a whole other story.

Well, after these "knowings" happening time and again, I have FINALLY come
to realize that I am being told these things by our Lord. THAT is why they
"hit" me so hard. Geez, sometimes His children can be so very thick!

Thank you again Steve for all the hard work and flack you end up taking. It
can't be easy to constantly be bombarded no matter WHAT you do. But at
least you have the absolute comfort of knowing to Whom you belong. AMEN!

Yours in Christ.

Oct 23, 2013

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