This is not the time to build or prosper any kingdom or program except for the Kingdom of God.

The LORD says, I am and have been speaking plainly, directly, to My
children, but they are not hearing Me! They are distracted, unwilling to
hear, or busy finishing My sentences (putting words in My mouth) without
waiting to hear My real message. I CANNOT PROTECT THOSE WHO CANNOT OR WILL
NOT HEAR ME, so I must remove the distractions and competing affections
that those who have a heart to hear will be able to do so and obey. I will
also correct those who are defiant because they are still Mine, and I would
rather they receive My blows than the penalty of eternal death.

The United States is only the second nation in the history of the world to
build it's foundation upon the truth and principles of Scripture. As such,
her rebellion, bloodguilt and overt harlotry cannot and will not go
unpunished. But if My people who are called by My name humble themselves,
pray and seek My face, and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear from
heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land... 1 Chronicles 7:14

Because many are returning to Me, walking again in the righteous way, I
have lessened some of the impact of the judgment that is soon-coming. I am
zealous over My people, My inheritance, and their purity. I am zealous for
the eternal Word, the eternal covenant, I have given and through which I
ransomed all mankind with the blood of the Lamb, Jesus (salvation).

Though less severe, the force and swiftness of the first wave (there are
three) of My coming discipline will shake and shock the entire world.
Judgment begins in My house; discipline and correction begin with My
people. I will seem as an enemy to my own, particularly those who know
about Me but have not cultivated a personal relationship with Me.

Those who truly trust in Me will be sheltered, and though all else falls,
will not be shaken. I alone know the true thoughts and intentions of the
heart, and these are about to be assayed in My refiner's furnace, that My
people may emerge as pure gold.

This is not the time to build or prosper any kingdom or program except for
the Kingdom of God. This is not the time to look to man for answers or try
to fit everything into some End Time Formula which is guaranteed to be
incomplete at best, incorrect at worst. The prophet Daniel spoke of much
intrigue in the end of days, which is precisely where you now are. Do not
weary your finite minds on infinite mysteries; I will reveal to you all you
need to know and understand. This is the time to instead press in to My
presence, daily walk in the flow of My instruction, passionately seek My

The foundations, both of the nation and the Church, are in utter disrepair,
therefore the places that once stood in glory will be leveledthat I may
instead build a dwelling place of living stones and abide WITHIN my people
in unparalleled intimacy and power. The later is not possible without the

My Word, ALL of my Word, stands forever. Watch and be amazed as Biblical
prophecies unfold before your eyes. You were chosen to live in this day and
hour! You were born for such a time as this! Do not be afraid, but know my
Word and do my Word and stand as a light in the midst of great darkness! My
sheep hear My voice and I know them and they follow Me, so hear and obey!

Oct 26, 2013

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