I saw as the smoke came in contact with the people they would 'morph' into these hideous beings unable to die.

Hello Steve
about 4 years ago a had this horrific dream, the dream started with a
border fence , the fence was about 20 foot tall with razor wire at the top
. In my dream I was looking down at the fence from an aerial view I knew
it was our southern border. On the mexican side were huge tractor like
vehicles plowing or dragging chain link fence behide the tractors right
along the fence line smoothing the dirt so it would be clearer to see fresh
foot prints if anyone tryed to cross the border. As the fence was being
dragged behind the tractors there where men trying to ride the fence like a
joy ride or thrill seeking, the tractors where moving very fast as the men
fell off the fence it would kill them, it was like the sanctity of life was
of no value., as the cloud or plume of smoke rose up , pleople
where running for their lives toward the fence, i could see the peoples
faces there was total and absolute horror in thier eyes, but when they got
to the fence there was no other way to run, the people started running into
the fence started stacking against it and then As I was watching this my, perspective changed and i was now
among the people with the feeling in the air being total despair, lack of
hope and darkness filled the land. I could see the source of the smoke, the
earth had opened up and from the earth this creature half mechanical half
living was boring a hole from underground and on the back of this creature
was a being dark in color with red glowing eyes, as it looked at me it
screamed (I am the destroyer !!!! ) At that point I woke up.

Steve could this be the future of this county

Oct 27, 2013

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