DREAM / VISION October 26, 2013

I was driving down Interstate 30 back from my routine trip to take care of my parents in Ft. Worth back to Dallas. The traffic started slowing down close to this location on I-30. In front of me I saw horror: THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE HANGING FROM WIRES SUSPENDED OVER THE PLATE GLASS WALL...DEAD!!! Gestapo like police everywhere checking people. Thousands of people loaded on a train that was disappearing into the tunnel. They were all confused, screaming and horrified (many families). Dead people, freshly shot by the armed police laying all over the grassy shoulders of the freeway. Hundreds of these armed police standing with machine guns on the platforms. The thing that stuck in my memory was the awareness of the people who were shocked. Many of these people had believed in this government and were in such a state of fear and disbelief that they could not process the reality of this. And it had all happened so suddenly. One minute these happy people were going along doing their business...the next minute they were being killed or arrested for no known reason en masse.

I did a very rough sketch of the construction. I need somebody to help me to video it as we drive by as there is no place to stop and take pictures. I KNOW THAT THIS IS A VERY DIABOLICAL PLACE!!!

BASIC SYNOPSIS: IT WILL BE SIMILAR TO NAZI GERMANY IN EVERY WAY!!! BUT WORSE!!! --Here is what I have seen between the Cockrell Hill & Hampton exit:

1) Strange multilevel cement embankments with stairs leading to a second platform. I felt by the Holy Spirt that this would be ideal for FEMA military to stand with machine guns while doing a check point. There are roads that lead to this that you cannot get to. It is strange to have this type of structure as there is no area that one would need to walk upon (like a nice little walkway). It is clearly for nefarious purposes.

2) They have recently put in a HUGE tunnel that leads to this embankment with a steel plated door (like a huge steel plated garage door). Where does this tunnel lead to? What is it's purpose?

3). They recently installed some kind of electronic tower that is unlike anything I have ever seen. It is huge, rectangular and on a pole. It looks like some kind of electronic grid.

4) The newest addition is a long glass wall above the embankment. Looks like bullet proof glass. I did find it by researching it and it says it is a new sound proof barrier to help the neighbors behind it but why the embankments with platforms and the steel plated tunnel entrance?

Oct 27, 2013

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