Aloha Steve,

I want to tell you about a couple of dreams I had a couple of months ago.
The first dream started with me going to one of my local gun shops to order
a gun or something. After a day or two I went back to the shop to pick up
whatever I ordered. Right after I entered the shop and before I could walk
up to the counter a bunch of "police" in black riot type gear came pounding
through the door. I was frozen in place on the one side of the store as a
dozen or two of these men came into the store. I asked "what's is going on
here?" A voice from the direction of the entry said "We're closing this
place down, we're closing all of the gun stores down". This shocked me to
hear these words and I woke up.
I prayed about this dream and asked the Lord if it was from him. Well a
couple of days later I got my answer.
I had the same dream again but I got to finish it. So at the point where
the first dream left off I was looking around the store to see all that
was happening and suddenly there was a shot from the direction of the
entry. I looked and saw that one of the policemen shot the man in the head
(I think their commander) that told me they were shutting down the gun
stores, the man that shot him said "He can't do that" and all of the other
men stopped what they were doing.
Suddenly a light shown down from above me and took me up in the air and we
were suddenly over Washington DC. The Lord said to me "what do you see?" I
looked down and I could see the Pentagon so I said "the Pentagon" He said
"What do you hear?" and suddenly I could hear gun fire coming from there so
I said "gun fire".
Then He showed me inside the Pentagon and the soldiers were all fighting
each other, shooting each other it was chaos.
Then the Lord took me back outside and I could see more fighting and many
soldiers running toward the capital building and the white house in the
distance. Then I saw the helicopters taking off
filled with the politicians escaping for their lives.
Then I woke up with the distinct feeling that nukes went off at that
What does it mean? Is it literal? Why are you showing me these things?
These are the questions I always have to ask myself after one of these
dreams or visions. So I've started sharing them with others, many don't
want to hear these things including my own family.
Only a remnant will be spared. E.V.

Nov 20, 2012

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