After two this morning 12-11-13, I awoke from the following vivid dream: I
was standing on a crowded city sidewalk when the ground began to shake and
suddenly open up in huge cracks. I saw the tar of the road split open
jaggedly and was aware of everyone's horror as people and everything on the
ground got drawn speedily, pulled inside. Suddenly my vantage point was
slightly farther away and I was watching great chunks of that city scene
swoosh, rapidly sliding down into the ground. Then I saw the ground, the
soil of what was no longer cracks but becoming a huge hole. I was viewing
from inside the hole, looking at the unearthed ground. I saw upclose the
stratum and noticed in detail the layers of colors which were part of the
formation of the soil. I could see way down into the hole as though I was
hovering close to the middle, and was thinking that these layers of colors
within the dirt are too colorful and should look more plain brown. All
along where I could see, which was one part of a much bigger whole area,
had these thin horizontal, colored lines of the dirt itself, like having
formed over time into shades of blue and green, each was a single color
line with normal brown dirt separating it from the next layer. Pretty
shades, one mixed to a lovely teal shade. Only variations of green and
blue. Then that was over and I was farther away. Moments ago I had been
part of earthquake-like shaking ground as it was splitting open (and I FELT
the movement). I saw the people slidding down into open cracks that were
growing fast into a giant hole. Everywhere that I could see infront of me
transformed in a paniced natural disaster to a huge plot of ground that was
now nothing but one giant hole or canyon. It was not quite as far as you
could see, but almost that big. I watched what was like the special effects
from a movie as so fast, in a circular movement, a hole in the ground, like
a deep canyon deveopled. It started from the begining where I had seen the
inside with the dirt below, and in a sweeping motion it circled around from
left to right to instantly, dirt and everything crumbling downward inside
itself to develop this giant hole the size if many football fields. All
the ground, the city street with all the people and buildings had
horrifyingly (at first as it happened I felt the surprise and horror)
avalanched inside to the opening earth. My focus had began by being one of
the people on the crowed city street, surprised to feel the violent side to
side shaking of the ground under me, to then seeing people's horror but not
feeling horror myself, to knowing there was mass terror as without warning
everyone was falling into their death. Then to seeing the dirt itself to
now an almost special effects speed of a new canyon developing to form a
totally new landscape. Then after that open ground finshed it's process to
form a huge circle, there came an erie still, a silence after the storm so
to say. I was one of many who were just standing surveying what was now
the earth formation, a new landscape, a huge hole and a instead of a city,
a nature scene replacing where a city scene had been. Again, you could see
to the other side, but it was almost as far as you could see. The calm was
of it being over, the people all gone now and a new, different place
remained in place of what was there. After that pause I was inside a
building with no light asking someone what happened, "Was that the Grand
Canyon?" thinking that the GC was the only place similar to the resulting
scene I just saw. A man I didn't see but only heard answered me very
clearly and I was astounded, "No, that was New York City" and I was
instantly awake. ...I am not drawing any conclusions from this, I am
just informing you that I dreamed it. I have had personal dreams from God
from time to time over the years but am NOT in the regular practice of, nor
have I ever, received any sort of a public dream from The Lord. On
occasion The Lord has revealed to me something within the life a person,
what they were going through, for the purpose of understanding inorder to
pray. In this case it could be that perhaps I dreamed this because my mind
made it up, I do not know.

Dec 11, 2013

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