I awoke this morning to a strange dream. Maybe there is something to it, maybe not.

We were all in what seemed to be an airport or resort of some sort, possibly in Canada. As I walked with other Americans, mostly older people, I overheard a conversation to my left. It was probably a Canadian man explaining to about three or so Americans that, no, most people don't really like Americans very much. They prefer people from "other" countries. The understanding was that others objected to American arrogance and belligerence, associated with American Exceptionalism, but preferred people from Britain and its Common Wealth countries because they were classier and more congenial. We continued to walk, and suddenly there were LOTS of Asians dressed in uniforms that looked like the typical Chinese dress uniforms you see in parades, but they were much more casual in appearance. They were seemingly trying to fit in and seem normal, like they belonged and there was no problem. One of the older folks with me asked where they were from, and I explained that they were Chinese. In truth it should have been obvious because they had small Chinese flags sewn on their collars. I kept watching to see if they would suddenly dawn weapons and start killing folks or capture everybody. One of the groups of Chinese to my right were sitting on chairs in the middle of the walk way, as if waiting for a plane or something. The men and women all had black serpentine dragon tattoos extending from under their uniforms along their necks and across their faces. I contemplated, supposing they were some sort of subculture or special forces. There were other groups of Chinese in the same uniforms, walking in formation, but not goose stepping, just walking. Others just standing around and looking. None of the others had the tattoos. At one point, I tried to make idle conversation with one Chinese guy, and see if I could find anything out. I asked him if he was from China, and he was very evasive about it, obviously not wanting to let on to what he knew. One more thing that was very memorable about the dream. I looked at one of the bathrooms. It was large, like in an airport, but though it was of good quality, the walls and floors had poop smeared all over them. It was so disgusting I nearly vomited. I also noticed a very worldly friend of mine from years past went into a brothel. The door opened and an Asian woman dressed in a white uniform, as a nurse, or a doctor, or a Navy person of some sort greeted us as he went in. I did not enter, but kept on going.

One general understanding was that the Chinese were taking over, and trying to fit in or become part of the society. They were secretly and subtly united, but made them selves out to just be part of the society. Even so, at any moment they could suddenly dawn weapons and attack, kill, conquer the unsuspecting civilians. Perhaps the elderly Americans means that the American way of life is becoming old and feeble and does not have many years left. They were also naïve and could not have offered any resistance if they wished to. It should be noted that the Chinese are buying up the entire world, especially real estate and businesses, all as legitimate business deals, but they are also building up their military and becoming more confident and provocative. It's only a matter of time before they attack. The tattoos probably have demonic connotations, as well as references to China and its dragon worship. The filth of the bathroom and the brothel probably connote the filthiness and decadence of our society. Also, my assumption was that the Canadian guy was talking about other Brits and Common Wealth people being more preferable to Americans and their attitudes. It is POSSIBLE that they preferred the Chinese. That seems strange because of their totalitarian society, but maybe they were all fooled and naïve as well.

Anyway, just sharing if I'm supposed to.

Dec 19, 2013

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