I am new to your site and was intrigued by your Dreams & Vision page. I
became a Christian about 15 years ago because I had heard some Christian
prophecy and wanted to see what the Bible had to say about it. I had read
some Christian fiction books and then started studying the Bible.
A few years ago while visiting my family where I grew up in Michigan, I had
two dreams. In the first dream, I was sitting in my dad's living room. He
was talking as I was staring out the front room windows. As he rambled on,
I noticed it started to rain but water was settling on top of the ground,
like a bowl being filled up. The water continued to rise, and I kept trying
to interrupt my dad to tell him. I couldn't get anyone's attention. When
the water got to window level, the water started pouring into the house
from cracks between the windows and the wood. All of a sudden everyone was
paying attention. That's where my first dream ended.
My second dream was a couple weeks later. I was still in Michigan and I
dreamt I was at the top of an open spire of the community church. (In
reality, it has no spire). I was overlooking the country neighborhood where
I grew up and my dad still lives, which is made up of about 15 houses.
There is a huge orchard across the street and a woods behind some of the
homes. I noticed it was raining and wild animals (including giraffes and
elephants) were running through the neighborhood from the orchard, through
yards to the woods. Once again, the ground was saturated, because the water
began to sit on top and fill up like a bowl. I was yelling down from the
spire warnings to my friends and family that lived in the neighborhood, but
I didn't see any people outside. That is where I woke up.
I never thought too much about these dreams until I read the dream about
the U.S. splitting apart. I have looked at different maps portraying an
event like this. Some of the maps containing a gulf of water, end up in
southwest Michigan, exactly where I grew up.

Dec 6, 2012

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