A picture of two parallel spiritual worlds, incompatible with each other. Clearly though, God ruled.

Hi Steve,

Have been interceding for awhile, and then I was not able to sleep as my spirit was stirred. So I was just before the Lord, and it seemed my angel was there - a tall white angel, I have been aware of his presence frequently when I have been before God's throne. (Guardian angel? He seems assigned to me)

After awhile - in the spirit - it seemed I got up (had been prostrate before the Lord), and it seemed like I entered into a forest. Tall, old trees, there was moss on them, colors in a picture so real I seemed to smell the refreshing pine fragrance. Then a deer appeared, just standing there peacefully, unafraid. Then an elk, a rabbit (I remember thinking: "a bunny!") and also a bird. All in harmony.

Then I sensed a commotion in the woods - some kind of danger and it took me awhile to discern what it was: a big snake. The snake was dangerous, slithering around and seeing what it could strike, it was evil. It was in a clearing, and the area of woods around it was not lush like the forest where I stood with the animals.

The snake saw us and came to strike at us - but it could not. There was an invisible, but thick wall that divided the snake's section of the woods from ours. It reminded me of a thick glass wall like in an aquarium, where the public would stand and observe the animals - only this wall was spiritual, there is no natural material to describe it. It was clear and thick and impenetrable from the other side, and while I could clearly see into the other side I knew that I - and the animals with me - in our section of the forest - were totally protected, almost like in a huge bubble.

What I noticed about the snake was that it absolutely thought it "ruled." It seemed to think, in its own mind, that it owned the forest, there was no respect or care for anyone or anything but itself. That mindset was in stark contrast to the fact that it could not cross the barrier to us even though it tried for some time. It had a strange mindset, it thought it owned the forest and could do what it wanted, even though its attempts to harm us were frustrated by the invisible wall.

I was never afraid in the vision, and neither the animals with me nor I ever lost our peace, there was such a strong sense of protection.

A picture of two parallel spiritual worlds, incompatible with each other. Clearly though, God ruled.

Blessings, B.

Jan 17, 2014

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