Dreams and Visions from my 14 year old :HUGE, human-like creatures COVERED in dark, brownish-black fur.


I have written to you about things happening in our little town of (REDACTED) Idaho (please omit location if you post this) over the past several months, i.e. Russian book sellers, Apache Helicopters running numerous drills over our town and the nearby dam, bizarre lock-down drills at my kids' schools, etc.
But this one concerns my 14 year old daughter. She has dreams, very vivid ones. And to many, they would sound like pure science fiction. But what truly bothers me about them is that they describe some of the unusual, and demonic, things/entities I have read about on your site and heard about from listening to you on Hagmann and Hagmann Report. I have never shared ANY of these things with her because of her dreams and nightmares, fearing they will manifest. She has been having these dreams for many, many months now and they seem to be increasing rapidly. Many wake her from her sleep screaming. When my husband and I were working with V last summer, we mentioned one of her dreams to him. V made a comment that she could be a "God-touched child." Now I wonder, could it be possible?

Just last night she had another dream, more like nightmare, that she woke screaming from. Ready for this? GIANTS. HUGE, human-like creatures COVERED in dark, brownish-black fur. She said you could not see their eyes, only their lips, which were as black as night. She said her dad (my husband) only stood as tall as their groin (he is 6'1").

The dream itself went as follows:

Her dad was out tinkering in the garage. She had her best friend over spending the night. Her little sister (our youngest) was spending the night at a friend's house close by. I was on my laptop in our living room trying to find as much information as I could about these bizarre "attacks" on people all around the world. Witnesses were describing the attackers as "hairy giants."

Our English Shepherd started barking at the back door like crazy (something she does a lot when she hears every little noise coming from outside). My daughter went to the door to open the blinds to show her there was nothing out there. And that's when she saw it. She turned as white as a ghost and could just point to the window. Our dog then ran to the living room and began to bark at the windows. At that point my husband came into the house to find out why she was barking and looked outside. "RUN!"

The giant smashed through our house, chasing after us. We ran outside to escape and it continued to chase us. She said we ran all through a neighboring subdivision next to our own and through its houses. Houses were all smashed up there as well. There were more than one of these giants in our town. We could hear the screaming and saw these things picking up people and eating them. She said they "got stronger with every human they ate." (energy food source?) My husband tried to shoot and kill the one that was chasing after us, but it was "indestructible."

Jumping ahead, as we continued to be chased, we managed to get her little sister from her friend's house "just in time," (She would not elaborate on that) and make it back to our house where we and our dogs were able to hide upstairs. We could hear them walking around the house and inside (we have very high vaulted ceilings). She said they groaned like animals, but also talked to each other in speech with deep groaning voices. She heard one of them say that it couldn't leave this house because it was looking for something that it needed.

Apparently the giants did not know where we were hiding, but then her little sister sneezed and then they knew where we were...They came smashing though the narrow hallway and up the stairs....at which point she was screaming and woke up.

This is just one dream. Many of them seem so random and unusual, and yet all connected at the same time. All of her dreams are set in the future, some not very far off in time (still a young teenager), while others she finds herself an adult living on a "dead and brown" planet Earth with skies so dark and toxic that you cannot see the sun or breathe the air.
My daughter is aware of the things happening in our government, but we have NEVER discussed anything else with her for fear of scaring her. And I dare not let on to the fact that so much of what she has told me from her dreams are things that I have read and heard about. Truly the darkest, demons from the depths of Hell. She could write a book there have been so many.
She prays and talks to God regularly. She has a very close and personal relationship with our Father in Heaven, stronger than even myself I am ashamed to say.
So I now am finding myself wondering...was V right? Is she a "God-touched child?" Is God showing her what is to come? And if it is, God help us all.


Jan 18, 2014

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