I had the following dream and other people seem to be having similar

In my dream I was in a house that I understood to be mine. I heard a very
loud BANG! that scared me. I looked out the back window where I saw men
working with monsters. These monsters were alive, but they looked robotic -
mechanical - and the men were directing them; riding them like as a man
sits in a large piece of farm equipment. The monster right outside my
window stood on 4 legs and was about 20 feet tall. A man sat atop the
monster's small body. It really looked like a man riding a giant 4-legged
daddy-long-legs. The man was directing the monster in something they were
building. But there were no hand controls. They were speaking to each
other as though they were one mind! There were several pairs like this all
around outside, all similar and doing the same type digging and building
but none of the monsters was exactly like the other. I was terrified - it
was like an entire army! They were everywhere and they'd appeared
overnight! I heard "this is the end-time, and it's just like in my dream".
I have not had a dream like this before. So, I was puzzled by this
I grabbed my 5 year-old and my laundry. I put my son in the car and
buckled him in and I had my laundry and I drove to what I understood as my
"other house". Everywhere I looked the landscape was covered by the
man-monster teams working, digging, building. And there was all kinds of
construction equipment. They weren't tearing down homes, but they were
building in every single side, front, and back yard of every house - like
they had a right to be there! I understood that they could do whatever
they wanted because we had allowed them. I was just driving past them all
waiting for them to take notice of me, but they didn't pay much attention.
Occasionally one would look at me, but I understood someone saying
telepathically to them "don't worry about the remnant". When I got to my
other house, I was frantic about getting the laundry done. The
man/monsters were here, too. They were digging oil wells. They had
monsters with long pipes drilling into the ground. They could put together
a drilling platform in lightning speed. All around were loud explosions.
And I kept thinking "This is the end-time. It's just like the dream I

I feel like many are rushing at this time to "get our laundry done" and
missing the fact that the enemy is literally in our yard building his

thank you :)

Feb 1, 2014

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