The most startling thing was it was so UNEXPECTED. One day normal the next day total chaos. It was the Russians in my dream. It was so horrible. They were all over the US, like they came out of hiding.

Now 3-23-14

Last night, I had a dream about missiles coming out of the ground, shooting into the
air. They were white and blue tipped with a couple of stripes on the bottom, like blue stripes
around the bottom of the white long body. I see them as huge missiles.
I saw them coming out of many places, mostly desert area's and Colorado?
It was so unexpected in my dream. All communications were cut off across the US and people were
running and hiding. No electricity, no food for long. We were in the Phoenix area when it happened and
was trying to go home up north in Payson. The Gov't then sent drones and little blue balls that
flew, odd looking metal blue balls that had little guns attached, like strange heavy flying balls..
They had the ability to shoot people. I am not sure why they were hunting us. I had to hide for
a long time as the war raged outside. I have never seen such things in real life.
I remember the phones went all dead just as the missiles were coming out of the grounds and
I was trying to call and warn people and call home and could not.
The ground shook like earthquakes and the air was filled with smoke & it smelled horrible.
It was in the summer too. I was looking out windows and military people were going house to house.
I just hid and was so determined to go home. I knew we would be safe if we could only get home.
We had food and a a secured place for a lot of people at home. We had prepared for a long time
in my dream and it was worth it I thought. We would be prepared and most people were not in any way.
They were starving and so dirty and weak from running and hiding all the time.
People came out at night, to travel, as it was the safest time to go without the little blue Military Balls
getting them. They were like patrols to control people, if they caught people walking or outside
the little automatic guns came out of the Balls and shot people dead. Horrible.
Hard to hear and see, they were very fast and could even hoover like they were looking for
moving targets.

I had a backpack and I knew I had to walk home. I knew how to get there, but it took a long time to
walk as I had to walk at night and hide during the day. I heard radios people were carrying
talking about a world war and people that were walking at night talked about it being with Russia.
I knew I was going to get home, but many people all over were dead or dying from
drone attacks and rioting creeps. I had a gun in my backpack and food.
I knew we were at war and certain areas were completely destroyed.

The weather was altered and the sky was reddish and cloudy from the war.
It was much colder in the summer, yet tolerable in Az. I could see like a map and it was
burning all over the US. The East coast was decimated as was most of Calif.
No people were running in those area's as I had guessed they were dead or caught.
The West and Mid-West was better off, though it was a mad scene of people running to try and get to
Mexico. The North was very cold and smoke was everywhere. Like frozen cold in the far north, not warm
like summer should be in those area's.
Canada had not lights, nothing but smoke could be seen. It was very cold there and it looked desolate.

The most startling thing was it was so UNEXPECTED. One day normal the next day total chaos.
It was the Russians in my dream. It was so horrible. They were all over the US, like they came out of hiding.
People were fighting them in many places. Some places out West were quite safe compared to the
East and West Coasts. They were decimated. No Gov't was in place, I could see no help except those who were
prepared and fighting in area's all over.

I hope this does not happen. 2 times I saw missiles, once red & white out of the ocean in the Gulf in 2006
now blue and white coming out of the US soil all over America heading up and out of the US..
It was so scary, no one knew it was coming, a surprise attack from within as well as the Oceans
caught the US people off guard.

We are in trouble and provoking the Bear to attack.

Mar 23, 2014

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