A wolf roams among the sheep preying on their sincerity Selling his own soul for riches and earthly popularity

Give a dime and get a dollar the secret of prosperity,
Give to my cause the preacher says after all it’s for charity,
Its tax deductible says the man, he preaches with such clarity,
But very soon all will learn his words have been but heresy.

A day of judgment waits for sin and with it comes disparity
The lie revealed, religion for riches is nothing but vulgarity
A wolf roams among the sheep preying on their sincerity
Selling his own soul for riches and earthly popularity

“God’s people will not be touched” we must beware this lie
The bible says persecution comes to those who look on high
Unprepared and unaware the foolish men will die
A time of trouble is at our door not someday by and by

A time when hungry children will walk the streets and cry
And parents clench their fist at God as they question why
A time when famine across the world will swiftly fly
And churches close their doors not knowing this day was nigh.

It will be a time unlike any other in all of history
And those who know the truth see God reveal His mysteries.
Those who chose to trust in lies will cry out in their misery
And God will judge the acts of men the innocent and guilty

The message that must be spread all across the nations
Is not that we are doomed but that God is offering salvation
When a soul is given to the Lord even the angels are in elation
And whatever comes we are sheltered by the God of all creation

Still men try to make believe that they too are some kind of deity
Not aware when judgment falls they will have no impunity
And their new age vision fades away exposing all its frailty
While the father of lies finds in their pain personal felicity.

What of war that’s prophesied and predicted natural disaster
Are we preparing the church for what is coming after
The opening of the seals found in the bible’s chapters?
What will we see before the church is finally raptured?

Can we afford to live without the spirits aid?
Are we responsible for men that might be saved?
It is the time when men live for what they crave
Without regard to that which lies beyond the grave.

It is a time of uncertainty and much trouble lies ahead,
Coming is a time when a third of the world is dead.
It is a time fear, if you don’t know what the Lord hath said.
God’s spirit has been poured out; by what will you be led?

Truth stands at the door longing to come in
Forgiveness waits at Calvary covering all our sin
Peace in these days of trouble is available to men
Truth is the ultimate preparation before time finds its end.

By Randy Conway

Jul 13, 2014

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