Nepililm Hybrids Walking Among Us? :Their intent was to further aid in the process of corrupting humanity and setting the stage for the coming dark chaos of the rise of the anti-Christ.

Good morning Steve! Had an interesting dream this morning via the Holy Spirit that I wanted to share with you. In the dream I saw a creation of Nephilim cyborg hybrid beings that had been purposely created to walk among us in this physical world. Their intent was to further aid in the process of corrupting humanity and setting the stage for the coming dark chaos of the rise of the anti-Christ.

They looked fully human so that they would easily blend in with mainstream society. They were however enhanced, part biological, bionic and AI programmed. They were also demonically charged with the purpose of enabling the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim to inhabit and control these beings. Their creators took all the best parts of the original Nephilim with the exception of their large size (so that they would blend in more easily), their enhanced intelligence, physical strength, knowledge of resource technology to exploit mankind etc. and created the capacity for all these things to exist in this cyborg body. Basically they are our worst transhuman nightmare!

I saw them living among the people in their daily walk of life influencing our world from their covert positions. They were found in positions of government, the military, social service programs etc., anywhere that they were capable of creating influence and change to support the Luciferian/fallen angel agenda.

The Holy Spirit then said to must learn to recognize them....I asked how? The Spirit said you must pray for discernment which I will give to you in full measure if you seek it. What I was shown next was that this discernment will come through a sense of "feeling" or inner knowing about these beings. Though they are highly deceptive they will cloak their agenda in great secrecy so initially it may be difficult to identify them through what they say and do alone. The Spirit said to read or discern their energy field or energy signature. They carry a different energy frequency than that of a normal human which if you ask for Godly discernment you will recognize in your spirit. It will feel very dark...highly will sense the evil within them and I will reveal to you their work and their deceptive purposes.

The Spirit said but they will also have the ability to sense the presence of God in you which is why you must ask me to shield and protect you when you are in the process of discerning their whereabouts and the places and people they are influencing. Put on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18) as this is spiritual warfare and when you encounter them they will seek to discredit you at the very least and destroy you if possible. They do not want to be exposed and will go to any length to protect themselves and their agenda!

The Holy Spirit said to be prepared because all of these things will be coming into this world and the true believers in Christ will need to prepare themselves to wage war against these demonic overlords/beings! He said these things are already living and walking among you but will be on the increase so be vigilant and aware.

I pray that God will strengthen and prepare the body of Christ in these days of evil that are surrounding us!

Blessings and Peace!
Pamela G.

Aug 3, 2014

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